Boost your Pinterest Fanbase with these simple tips from Zymplify

Pinterest, the social media scrapbook, may have a lot fewer users than Facebook or Twitter, but it is still a good way to reach out to new audiences.

It is a platform that is often underestimated, but with more than 175 million users in April 2017, you can’t afford to leave it out of your social media strategy.

Follow our 12 simple tips to build up a strong Pinterest fanbase that will be a whole new audience for your content.

Getting More Pinterest Followers

1 – Follow Others

The first thing you should do when building up your Pinterest fanbase is to get following other users. Have a look for people you know or some users that particularly capture your interest.

Don’t be tempted to go around following everyone. You will be better off with followers that are properly engaged when it comes to interacting with your audience via click-throughs and repins.

2 – Comment on Pins

Pinterest is a community. It’s about creating a two-way conversation, not just bombarding your followers with your sales messages and ideas.

Make sure to comment on other user’s pins and add to the conversation in other areas.

If you make the effort to build a relationship with other users they will be more likely to engage positively with your content.

3 – Repin Other Content

Likewise, also take the time to repin content from other users. It is a good way to get noticed by other Pinterest users as someone who posts quality content from different areas.

It also gets your repinned content in the overall category pool and if people like it, they are likely to follow you.

Grow Your Pinterest Fanbase – Use Other Social Media Platforms

Put together a social media strategy to use other platforms to grow your Pinterest Fanbase

4 – Connect Your Pinterest Account to Facebook

Connecting your Pinterest account to your Facebook account is a great way to add a few followers.

First off, you’ll receive a notification when your friends join Pinterest. They’ll also be notified that you are a Pinterest user. This is a good way to make sure your Pinterest fanbase keeps growing as your Facebook followers do.

Connecting your account can also help your Pinterest presence as your pins are shared on your Facebook page, which means every pin can potentially open up your profile to a brand new audience.

5 – Add a Pinterest Follow Button to Your Site

When building your Pinterest fanbase, It’s important to take every opportunity to let people know about your profile.

Make sure that people are aware of your Pinterest account when they visit your site. Add a Pinterest button beside any other social media icons for LinkedIn, Google+ etc, that is visible as soon as you arrive at the site.

A regular Pinterest user – the type of person you want to attract – might just be tempted to follow you and see what interesting things you post about.

6 – Add a Pinterest Widget To Your Site

Why not take that idea a step forward, by adding a Pinterest Widget to your site? This can help you showcase your Pinterest pins directly on your site.

This is a great way to give people a little taste of what your Pinterest page has to offer.

Just make sure that your website isn’t too cluttered with widgets, or viewers may be put off your site entirely.

7 – Share Your Pins On Twitter

Does your Twitter following know you have a Pinterest page? Again, make sure that you’re making the most of every opportunity to bring new people to your page.

Share your Pins in a tweet every now and then.

If you post on Pinterest a lot, it might be wise to save only the best ones for tweets. Otherwise your Twitter followers might get a bit fed up if they don’t happen to be into Pinterest.

8 – Join Group Boards

Group boards are a great way to meet new people and grow your Pinterest fanbase.

You can collaborate on a common board and get to know new people who are interested in the same things you are.

This is also a good way to get some users interacting with your content, increasing your repins and boosting the range of all of your posts.

Grow Your Pinterest Fanbase – Make the Most of Your Posts

Make the most of your posts to boost your Pinterest Fanbase

9 – Run a Contest

A Pin It To Win It contest is a great way to make sure people follow you.

If all people have to do to be considered for a prize is to follow you, you can quickly add a lot of people.

Once they are part of your Pinterest fanbase, your pins can encourage them to be a more active user, which will boost your views.

10 – Be a Curator

To be a good Pinterest curator you need to pin a lot.

When you pin a lot, your pins come to the front page of your own feed, but also the front page of the category pages.

This is a great way of keeping your name out there and building up a loyal Pinterest fanbase that regularly engages with your pins.

11 – Post Beautiful and Useful Pins

Pins should be strikingly beautiful – before pinning, you should ask yourself ‘is this image worthy of being repinned?’

Pins that are useful are more likely to grab the attention of someone browsing through. Try to create pins that answer a question, or solve a problem for their intended market, e.g. How to get more Pinterest followers? Outfits for your best friend’s wedding? How to decorate your back garden?

Check out the most popular pins (you’ll find these in the categories section). How many repins are they achieving and what is it about them that is proving popular?

Once you become known for pinning extremely useful or beautiful content, your Pinterest fanbase will naturally grow.

12 – Naming Your Boards

Consider the naming of your boards carefully. Pinterest boards are showing up in Google, sometimes as high as the top slot on the first search page.

Ensure your boards are named with keywords that people are using to search for images or information.

Pinterest’s Interests can be helpful in finding a good board names. For example, if you imagine that one of your customers who is searching for ‘gardening’, they’ll see a number of sub-categories come up under the Interests.

You can see the most popular categories immediately. Therefore, if you sell roses, perennials, vegetable gardening or container gardening you can add these keywords into your boards descriptions.

Pin your own pins (as well as other inspirational pins) to those boards although try not to post so many that it overwhelms the viewers!


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