Find out the essential elements for a great PPC campaign

Putting Together an Effective PPC Campaign

So, you’ve heard that PPC is one of the key elements of any marketing strategy. You’re ready to kickstart some PPC activity and reap the benefits, but how do you get started?

Here’s a few pointers that you’ll need to consider to commence your campaign.

PPC Campaign Element 1: Define Your Objectives

What is the business KPI that you are trying to achieve?

Whether it’s generating leads, driving sales, increasing mobile app downloads or raising brand awareness, it’s good to understand what you’re trying to achieve. Having your goals in mind will help you figure out what platforms to choose when setting up your first campaign.

PPC Campaign Element 2: Audience Targeting

Audience targeting is an important part of any PPC campaign

Who are you trying to reach and where are they?

Get an understanding of your audience from demographics, psychographics, locations, devices etc. Your objective could be trying to target users on their mobile looking for a local restaurant, or get leads from small businesses all over the world.  No matter the objective, knowing the audience will help with which platforms, devices and budget to consider.

PPC Campaign Element 3: Ad Creative and Imagery

What do you want your ad to look like?

After defining the elements above, you should have an idea of what platforms you may use for your campaign and whether the campaign will be text or banner ads, or both. Google Search ads are very limiting on characters, so you really need to consider every word to make sure they earn their space in the ad.

PPC Campaign Element 4: Landing Page Experience

You’ve got someone to click on your ad, now you need to make it easy for them to convert on the landing page you send them to.

There is no point sending a user to a homepage that has too many temptations and distractions to take them away from the initial ad objective. Make sure the landing page has consistent messaging and imagery to the ad. It should contain relevant keywords, be easy to navigate and have a strong CTA that matches the objective.

Having a good landing page experience is essential for Google ads as it can help your Google Ad Rank,. This in turn can lead to a rise in rankings, a lower CPC (cost per click) and possibly more click throughs.

PPC Campaign Element 5: Budget

Keeping to a budget is vital for a successful PPC campaign

How much can you allocate towards your PPC activity?

Although PPC campaigns are managed in real time, easily adjustable and only cost money when the ads are clicked, it’s still essential to know what your monthly budget is to determine a daily budget, and some platforms have minimum daily spends.

Zymplify’s ZympliGuru services can help you set up and manage your PPC campaigns. With our help, you can be assured that you will get a strong ROI for your paid campaign activity.

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Written by Carly O’Kane – Digital Marketing Specialist

The migrant from New Zealand has spent nine years in London before moving to big, bright lights of Northern Ireland…

Her career path has allowed her to gain experience across all things digital, from digital campaign management, content management, to digital analytics and online journey optimisation.

As with all Kiwis, Carly loves to travel and is always looking to plan her next trip!