Mark Zuckerberg's recent Facebook post reveals his social media strategy


Facebook Post Tips from the Founder

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made great use of his platform this week to announce the birth of his second child.

Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan announced the birth of baby girl August in a Facebook Post on Monday morning.

The post was written as a letter to August, similar to the letter the couple posted in December 2015 when their first child Maxima (Max) Chan Zuckerberg was born.

After just 24 hours online, 45,000 people had shared the post and over 2 million Facebook users had liked it.

That is an absolutely massive audience.

Of course Zuckerberg has the advantage of being the famous founder of a social network with over 2 billion (!!) monthly users.

And everyone loves cute pictures of babies.

Still, there are lessons everyone can take from the Letter to August to make their own Facebook posts better.

Keep it Short and Simple

Zuckerberg’s letter to August is just 378 words long.

This is just about the right amount, where people are willing to take the time to read the whole thing and then scroll down to those precious Like and Share Buttons.

Compare this to the couple’s Letter to Max, which is 2234 words long. The length of this post could be one of the main reasons why this post has less likes after more than 18 months than the August post managed in a single day.

The sentences are short and use simple words with few syllables. All good for capturing and holding the attention of an audience overwhelmed with digital traffic.

Use One Strong Image

Facebook photo galleries are great, but sometimes even your friends aren’t willing to click through 30 images of your trip to the zoo.

If you want to appeal to the widest possible audience (and you definitely do) make your posts scroll-friendly.

Choose one strong image that complements what you wrote and stand by it.

The Zuckerbergs have a single bright and clear image showing their happy family. And it’s all the post needs.

Scroll through Mark Zuckerberg’s profile and there are lots of examples of this.

Often featuring his awesome ‘Odelay‘ dog, Beast, who has 2.7 million Facebook followers of his own.

Don’t be tempted to load up your post with lots of different images. It can take attention away from what you’re trying to say.

Lot of images can also look very cluttered. And worse, it can make you and your company look indecisive and insecure about your image.

Try a Different Approach

Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg could have just announced the birth of their baby plainly.

Perhaps with a post saying “We’re blessed to welcome August to our family, thanks for all the good wishes!”

But we’ve all seen that a million times before and it reveals nothing.

The letter format is so much more intimate and makes you think of Facebook as more than just a social media giant.

Details in the Letter like Dr Seuss books, riding the carousel and babies running around the yard create strong mental images that help bring the post to life.

Try to think outside the box with all your Facebook posts. If they are too samey, they just get lost in all the noise.

Time your Facebook Posts Well

The timing of Zuckerberg and Chan’s post  appears to go against all the advice of when to post on Facebook.

They posted the Letter to August at 9.40am on a Monday morning, whereas most people say the best time to post is during the evening, perhaps on a Friday.

Timing your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter posts are essential for good social media strategy

August was born earlier this month, so we know that the couple waited a while before making the announcement.

They published the post on Monday 28 August. Think about why they did that.

It would make little sense to post it on Saturday or Sunday, as it is the last weekend of summer. People are out enjoying life and spending time with their kids, not looking at Facebook.

Even if people were on social media last weekend, there was a big event taking attention away from everything else – the Mayweather v McGregor fight.

This post was perfectly timed to reach people sitting at their desks on Monday morning, catching up on what they missed over the weekend.

Try to put some serious thought into what your audience might be up to and time your posts to grab their attention.

 Keep Your Audience Interested

Not every post can be selling products or harping on about the great things your company gets up to.

Unlike the Letter to Max in 2015, the Letter to August doesn’t mention Facebook even once.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but burying your sales message every now and then can keep your profile fresh and interesting.

The Letter to August post doesn’t seem to be about Facebook as a company.

But it leads you to believe it is a fun company with an emphasis on family and a strong moral compass.

It couldn’t be more shareable. Content like this helps to attract and keep potential customers who are usually put off by the hard sell.


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