6 Ways to Turn Your Website Into a Lead Magnet

Now that you have invested time and effort into creating your website, one of the primary objectives should be to turn it into a lead magnet and get people to engage.

Here are 6 simple ideas to turn your website into a lead magnet:

  • Website Pop ups

Website pops ups are a great way to get visitors to engage with your content and can be easily created and put on a website – you can use simple pop ups to ‘sign up for a webinar’, ‘download a brochure’ or simply ‘join our mailing list’ etc.

Web pop ups can be set to appear only on certain pages, times and to specific audiences.- ensuring maximum effect. 

  • Live chat

Make your website interactive with live chat. Simply install live chat code onto your website to enable your visitor to chat with you directly.

You can record the chat and forward it directly to your CRM if it’s a potential sales lead.

  • Remarketing Pixels

Install remarketing pixels on your website so that you can remarket to website visitors after they have left.  Remarketing pixels exists for Facebook, Google, Linkedin and Twitter.

You can create custom audience depended on where people visit on your site (Pricing page ,Services page) and then create a PPC ad to remarket to them.

  • Website Visitor Tracking

Install visitor tracking code onto your website. This enables you to see who is visiting, are they a new or returning visitor, what pages they look at, how long they stay, what device they use, their location and how they got to your site.

  • Lead Scoring and Goals

Utilise lead scoring and goals on your website. This enables you to prioritise and score your visitors/leads over time.

For example, if visiting your pricing page is a Goal, then you can attribute a lead score of 10 to that visit.  Every time someone visits the pricing page they will be attributed a score of 10 .

  • Trigger automation

Use automation to send a sequence of emails to your visitor if they fill in their contact information.  

For example, if someone downloads a brochure you could add them the ‘nurture trigger campaign’ that will automatically send them 3 follow on emails over the following 3 weeks.


Written by Michael Carlin, CEO and Founder of Zymplify.

After a 20 year international career, Michael set up Zymplify to help small business succeed in this new digital age.

Zymplify is an integrated Marketing Automation solution that can help small businesses streamline their marketing processes.

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