Email marketing

Email marketing is an important part of your overall marketing strategy, and you need to know how to execute an effective email campaign to get the best response possible. We have created an 8-step checklist which will ensure you get a great response from your email list. People get hundreds of marketing emails every month nowadays, so why should they open yours and not send it straight to the trash? Read on to check out our top tips.

Be clear in the subject area what is in it for the customer

Get right to the point and tell them why they should open this email and what you can do them. They probably have hundreds of emails in their inbox, why should they open yours and not someone else’s?

Be clear and specific and use this opportunity to excite them and be personal. Let them know that what you are doing is for them. Have empathy for the person on the other end and make them feel valued and respected.


Start from the very first sentence

Grab the reader’s attention from the very first line they read when they open the email. Sometimes, people don’t always trust the subject line and often will think it’s spam.

With more and more people opening their emails on a mobile device, they can see the first line as well as the subject line. Impress them with both and grab their attention from the off-set. You could forget about using the formality of ‘Hi John’, and just jump right in with what you can offer them.


Make it personal by using their name and tailoring your content

If you know their name, use it, but not too much. If you come across too personal and use it in every sentence, it can lose its effect so use it sparingly.

By now you should have created personas around your email list, so you should know what kind of content will appeal to them. After you do this, you will know exactly what kind of content they will be interested in and (hopefully) will respond to.


Keep their interest

If someone has opened your email you will want to make sure they stick around and scroll to the bottom to follow your call-to-actions. Use short paragraphs and ensure the keywords and marketing messages which appeal to the reader, stand out. Include bullet points to break up large chunks of text and use images sparingly.

Mobile friendly

Simple, but so important. If your emails are not optimised for mobile devices, you can forget about any type of response.


Check your grammar and punctuation

Check, and double check the grammar and punctuation before sending out the email campaign. People will completely switch off if they pick up on poor grammar, a misspelled word or even worse, if you spelled their name wrong. Take time to ensure these are spot on.


Be clear on what you want them to do

Have a well-defined call-to-action with clear marketing messages, and clear steps you want the user to follow. At the end of every email, tell them to click links for a free trial, to download your brochure or to find out more information. Ensure these are in every email campaign you send out to get the best response possible.


End on a high note

According to research conducted by Boomerang, the most effective email closing was ‘Thanks in advance’, with ‘Thanks’ coming in second place. ‘Best Regards’ and ‘Best’, proved to be the least effective, therefore you should probably avoid using both.

Depending on your audience and writing style, you can get really personal here and end the email in an informal and friendly tone. Test which ones work best for your brand and review after a certain period of time and keep track of the responses.

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