Find out how to make good use of a range of PPC Tools

Have you set up your PPC campaign and got it up and running, but not sure how it’s going against competitors or whether it’s generating a good ROI? Read on to hear a few top tips and tools you could utilise to get ahead of the competition.

First and foremost, the easiest (and free!) option is to run your own competitive research on Google.  By doing this you’ll be able to see what competitors are competing in this ad space. You’ll be able to see their ad copy and landing pages – are they using price points in their ad copy to price them below competition, offering free demos or free giveaways, are they using ad extensions etc.

When conducting a search, users have two intents – gathering information, or looking to purchase/action.  Short keywords tend to meet the intent of gathering information and research, for example, ‘Marketing Automation’. Whereas longer keywords help those with an intent to act on something, for example ‘Marketing Automation Software’.

Below any search result, you are also able to see alternative, long-tail keywords that could also be worth targeting.

There are several other tools available at a cost to give further in-depth insight into competitor ads, keywords, budgets, strategies etc. Take a quick glance at five of them below.

PPC Tools – SpyFu

View every placement your competitor has shown up on Google – including all keywords used, all ad variations. “Make their successes your own and avoid their mistakes” –

SpyFu pricing: from $33 / month

PPC Tools – SEMrush

This easy-to-use tool will help users find out what your competitors are doing based on similar keywords that you wish to target. Dives into competitor’s paid and organic reach, activities, budget, and most profitable ads.

SEMrush pricing: from $99.95 / month.

PPC Tools – AdBeat

See how your ad creative is performing, including ad copy, split testing, top creatives, landing pages and estimated ad spend. Intuitive platform also has in-depth reporting and notification alerts.

AdBeat pricing: from $99 / month

PPC Tools – WhatRunsWhere

View a competitor’s entire paid marketing strategy including their text, display, banner, traffic sources and mobile activity. Learn which strategies perform best and build more profitable campaigns.

WhatRunsWhere pricing: from $299 / month

PPC Tools – AdGooRoo

View current and historical competitive data, for any text or product ad across desktop and mobile – keywords, ad creative, performance statistics and spend estimates.

AdGooRoo pricing: POA

Zymplify’s ZympliGuru services can help you set up and manage your PPC campaigns to ensure you can get a strong ROI for your paid campaign activity.

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Written by Carly O’Kane – Digital Marketing Specialist

The migrant from New Zealand has spent nine years in London before moving to big, bright lights of Northern Ireland…

Her career path has allowed her to gain experience across all things digital, from digital campaign management, content management, to digital analytics and online journey optimisation.

As with all Kiwis, Carly loves to travel and is always looking to plan her next trip!