A Sales Follow Up – Standing Out Among Competitors

A Sales Follow Up 

Finding the right thing to say to take advantage of every opportunity in the sales process is almost impossible, but the importance of remaining relevant, whilst utilising multiple collaterals is how top performers rise above the rest. A sales follow up – standing out among competitors blog post aims to break down the complexities in the sales follow up process.

Maximising credibility and forming that trustworthiness is the ultimate triumph. Consequently, as the number of collaterals grow, achieving this integrity through numerous methods of communication and backed-up statements may become more productive and conversion rates will grow healthily.

Remaining Effective with a Sales Follow Up

A high volume of superfluous documentation is far from ideal. Whether it is physical materials or the data-driven electronic content, picking and choosing suitable collaterals is essential to nurture a prospect. 3 key elements of collateral information;

  • Relevant
    • Modern, up-to-date data and knowledge is essential when targeting what is now a digital-ready society. Often specific to an industry but always relevant to a client.
  • Tailored
    • Finding a specific brochure or information pack which will resonate on a unique level with a specific prospect may be the difference between a sale and a breakdown.
  • Diverse
    • Rarely-used approaches which stand out from the others can be a secret weapon in the sales world. The diverse pool of product and market knowledge from one idea which may never be used more than once, can be key.

Selling Digital

Transferring the approach for effective use of sales collateral into a digital environment is something which Zymplify does effectively, aiding the sales follow up procedure. Understanding the potential clients needs and providing them with current, relevant and tailored content thus nurturing them fittingly.

Creating relevant and diverse eBooks, webinars and brochures in-house provide the sales team with effective ammunition. This gives the sales team developed knowledge and understanding of the digital marketing world.

Whether it is the latest EU GDPR, a topic hot on the books of many SMEs and beyond, into the legal industry and medical professions amongst many others. If you would like to get a free copy of our GDPR eBook click here.

Worth more than a follow up phone call?

Unfortunately, finding the perfect content to follow up on each individual lead can be extremely time consuming. Even to recognise the most relatable content for each industry might be something which will be variable. However, the best reps will realise this time may well be something worth investing in. Therefore, building these relationships is what is absolutely key, and a valued reason to stray from the sales playbook.


Written by Michael Lynch – Sales Executive at Zymplify

Michael is a recent Ulster University graduate in Business and French. He is happy to be returning to his ‘second home’ to work in Portstewart.

The latest addition to the sales team at Zymplify, Michael strives to utilise his communication skills in the sales world.

Still in the early stages of his career, a passion for language and culture has inspired a love for travelling. Most recently Michael has travelled as a language assistant in the South of France.