Find out how to put together a content marketing strategy

Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

Content is often overlooked as a tool for effective marketing. You may be regularly contributing to a blog and producing interesting content on a regular basis, but if there are no tangible results then some thought is needed.

Content is an important part of the overall marketing picture. With a little direction and strategy content can become one of the most effective channels for bringing in new customers.

Content Marketing Strategy – Objectives

Considering what you want to achieve with your blog can help inform your plan as it develops.

You want to receive a visible return for the time and money invested into creating content.

Each piece of content should fulfill an objective, like generating sales leads, building website traffic or promoting events.

Content aimed at existing customers is also helpful in supporting the customer service team. This can involve guides on how to use a product or service, or methods of gathering feedback and testimonials from existing customers.

Content Marketing Strategy – Audience

Learn as much as you can about your target audience by building up a picture of buyer personas.

These provide an idea of what kind of person your target buyer is and what their content needs are.

Also think about content for each stage of the buying journey, whether they are hearing about your company for the first time or are still considering what you have to offer.

Consider what questions your audience may have. Think about what problems your company provides a solution to and then tailor your content around that.

This can help you create a focused strategy and will inform the formats of content that your produce.

Content Marketing Strategy – Formats and Channels

As your strategy develops, you will learn which formats work best for your target audience. A blog and some emails may work for some businesses, while others may find that videos and longer form content like eBooks and brochures are effective.

Experiment with different marketing channels to find out where and when your content gets the best response.

Consider different strategies for different marketing channels. For example, it may help to tweak content designed for email campaigns before posting it on Facebook.


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Written by Cathal McGuigan – Digital Content Manager at Zymplify

Cathal is a writer and journalist from Co Derry. He has written a book about his native county and has also been published in The Irish News, and on The Guardian’s website.

He has been told he bears a resemblance to hobbit Samwise Gamgee in appearance, height and mood and enjoys boxing, cheese and hedgehogs but not necessarily at the same time.