digital marketing - the ones we left behind

Digital Marketing –  The Ones We Left Behind

We can all agree that almost every business today has engaged with digital marketing in some form or another. Particularly with easy-to-use Social Media, custom-built websites and of course the once revolutionary, ever-consistent email. A step ahead of these now decade(s)-old channels, we have SEO, PPC, pop-ups and live chat amongst others.

Businesses who have embraced the digital revolution in its early stage, thrive to reap the rewards of a technology which continues to grow at an accelerating pace.

But what about those who didn’t?

Are the companies within a certain industry struggled to dip their toe into the waters of digital marketing?

Digital Marketing – An Industry Breakdown

Why shouldn’t every industry benefit from marketing automation? A marketing automation platform could hold the key for many companies within certain sectors who struggle with their digital marketing. If you have a product or service to offer, you can bet there is someone out there who is actively searching for it. Social media, marketing campaigns, PPC ads or even a website can all be managed, even for some of the industries it isn’t too late:

Medical Practices

The main advantage for this industry: they have a specific field of specialisation thus immediately reducing their competition, and directly benefitting from SEO. With so many people choosing to research their ailments online, whilst still on the internet, the next logical step for potential clients is searching for their nearest chiropractor or the most highly recommended physiotherapist in the area. Infographics are concise and clever, but can they always replace a doctor? The logic to these screams digital presence, but does human nature reply with tradition and a trusted physician?

Legal & Professional

For many solicitors and legal services, a website is the new front door for clients. With many specialising in one thing or another just like in the medical industry, some clever ad words or a hint of SEO can shoot one firm above their competition. A social presence, particularly with the professional flow transparency on LinkedIn is a gateway.  If a company isn’t showing up on Google results, they might not even be considered.

Real Estate

A digital marketing strategy could make or break an estate agent today. With such a competitive market, a brick-and-mortar only company, will undoubtedly struggle. Again, with consumers preferring to stay local, SEO, email and social media campaigns are without question a solution to remain ahead and to benefit from the powers of marketing automation.


Often searched for – seldom predetermined. The more a certain restaurant is etched into our minds, the greater the chance we may visit. As luck would have it, different marketing channels have provided the ability for restaurants, hotels and other venues a low-cost marketing solution-  revolutionising the industry. Continuing without a digital strategy in this heartless industry may decide the fate of many.


Not through lack of effort, but many SMEs and start-ups, may fail at the early stages of their business life. Consequently, the simple pricing models of a marketing automation software like Zymplify can help with any growing and restrictive budget. Therefore, a start-up can grow effectively, alongside Zymplify using a low-cost model with the ability to increase it as their budget grows.

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Digital Marketing for All

The organisational and transparent capabilities which Zymplify’s all-in-one cloud-based, marketing automation platform can be an extraordinarily powerful tool in the race to climb online. Because digital marketing should work, and does work, for a wide range of global industries. Want to see how Zymplify’s platform works? Schedule a free demo here.   


Written by Michael Lynch – Sales Executive at Zymplify

Michael is a recent Ulster University graduate in Business and French. He is happy to be returning to his ‘second home’ to work in Portstewart.
The latest addition to the sales team at Zymplify, Michael strives to utilise his communication skills in the sales world.
Still in the early stages of his career, a passion for language and culture has inspired a love for travelling. Most recently Michael has travelled as a language assistant in the South of France.