Learn more about effective email marketing with Zymplify

Email continues to be one of the most effective marketing channels. It’s a great way to convert new prospects as well as keeping existing customers engaged.

Yet, with so many emails being sent every day, it’s more important than ever to design emails that really stand out when they hit inboxes.

Used correctly, emails can be extremely effective when it comes to generating leads and sales for a business.

Effective Email Marketing – Content

Content is possibly the most important element of any email. A company that provides interesting, helpful content over email will gather a loyal following and build trust among potential customers.

Your content should be short and focussed on addressing the needs of your target audience. Avoid content which rambles on about how great your company is.

Try to create a dialogue with your audience, encouraging them to reply or follow you on social media. Also pay attention to the subject lines of your emails, making sure they grab the attention of your target audience.

Effective Email Marketing – Format and Timing

Consider the layout of your emails from the perspective of customers. This will help you to realise that the shorter the email the better and that you should have a Call-To-Action that is clear and colourful and stands out from the email as a whole.

Run some experiments to figure out which email designs get the best response from your audience. However, try to keep the design of your emails consistent with the general design of your website, landing pages and other content.

You should also experiment with sending your emails at different times of day, to see what time results in the best open and engagement rates.

Effective Email Marketing – Adapting and Improving

Once your email marketing strategy is underway, paying attention to analytics can help you develop and improve it.

Analytics will show you what type of content and layout appeals to your audience the most. It can also help you identify problems with email campaigns, such as emails being marked as spam, or being sent to ‘dead’ email addresses.

As you learn about your emails, you can begin to concentrate your efforts on the most effective tactics to maximise the leads generated from email.

Effective Email Marketing with Zymplify

Zymplify’s platform and services can help you develop an effective email marketing strategy.

Using our platform you can build and schedule customised email campaigns and then track their progress through the platform’s analytics.

Our expert marketing staff can also help you write content for your emails and advise on the design and tactics for your email campaigns.

To find out more about Zymplify’s Sales and Marketing Platform, Schedule a Demo with a member of our Sales team.