Learn How to Deal with Facebook Change

Facebook Change is Inevitable

If you’ve been managing a Facebook Page over the past few years or even more recently, you’ve likely noticed a drop in how many of your fans have viewed or interacted with your organic posts. The decline in Facebook organic reach has been well documented, but why did it happen?

The two main reasons that Facebook cites are as follows:

  1. There’s simply too much content being published on Facebook, making visibility in the News Feed increasingly competitive.
  2. Facebook is deliberately trying to show people the content that is most relevant to them. This means a lot of your content may never reach your target market.

Facebook Change – Declining organic reach and how to address it

That said there is some positive news for Facebook account administrators. Namely, there’s quite a lot you can do for your business to counter these changes. And we’ve compiled them here.

  • Be more selective about what you publish. Consider the length of post and your publishing schedule
  • Pay close attention to when you publish (otherwise called optimised post timing)
  • Put money behind your posts (a.k.a. “boosting” them). Or better still, engage in a PPC sponsored post campaign.

Facebook Change – What’s the current benchmark for organic post reach success?

If you’re looking to benchmark your own Facebook business account, it’s worth noting that organic reach below 5% is typical. Occasionally, posts get a good amount of engagement & 50-75% of your followers end up seeing it & you get a few shares and even a few organic page likes – if you’re lucky.  However, further changes will shortly take place on Facebook.

Change is inevitable – Deal with it

There’s an old saying that change is inevitable, except from a vending machine. But as users of the biggest social media platform on the planet we need to realise that our businesses are constantly at the whim of the algorithm of the largest vending machine in the world.

And if your business isn’t focusing on building a content strategy that gets engagement across search & social networks as well as a data strategy that allows you to take back ownership of your relationships once people click on your posts then you could be in trouble.

If you don’t want your customers to be wiped out with the next algorithm change then it is time to start putting the combined strategies in place to ensure that the goods get dispensed. We intend to cover this is more detail in a further blog post in 2018, so watch this space.

Facebook Change – It’s not all thumbs-up for the Facebook changes looming in 2018

Facebook Change is Inevitable - Deal With It

Facebook has recently been testing algorithm updates in six countries across the world. If Facebook should fully implement these updates your organic reach is predicted to change in a big way. It’s predicted that a measly 5% organic reach might be close to impossible to achieve.

Up to this point in the experiment – the first stage of which has already started rolling out globally – business post reach has fallen by two-thirds for some pages and a large number are seeing 4 times fewer engagements.

The changes could be invaluable for B2B businesses who traditionally find it harder than B2C businesses to engage on Facebook. The Explore Feed is likely to become the preferred hangout for businesses who want to avoid food pics, gym selfies & superficial drama on their main newsfeed.

Facebook Change is Inevitable
The Explore Feed (4th from top) could be key for B2B on Facebook

Facebook Change – How to Succeed With Your Facebook Efforts

But what’s the bottom line for B2C businesses using Facebook to engage with customers if the changes currently being tested are implemented worldwide?

Basically, if you want to play on Facebook you’ll have to pay to get your content seen. But where do you start? How will you get your ads working better than your competitors? It’s not easy finding time or the expertise to keep your social media afloat for Facebook Ads & more. Thankfully that’s where Zymplify comes in.

Zymplify gurus would love to assist you with your Facebook marketing efforts. You can sign up for our free Social Media Webinar on 18th of January 2018 at 3pm (GMT) or schedule a free demo of our All-In-One Automated Marketing Software.


Written by Paul Gilpin – Social Media Marketer at Zymplify

Paul has been a digital communications professional since 2001. Most recently he has been delivering beautiful and practical marketing solutions for business through social media marketing, providing digital marketing and engagement expertise to a growing list of global clients.

Sports-mad busy body Paul has worked as a volunteer at two Olympic Games. Through this, he has spent time with the award-winning London 2012 Web and Social Media Team and the Photo Services Team at Sochi 2014.

When not crafting creative social media campaigns for Zymplify and a range of diverse clients Paul enjoys keeping fit, eating salads and organising his next ski holiday.