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Email is still one of the best ways to convert new prospects while still engaging existing customers. Although an increasing number of emails are being sent, it is becoming more difficult to make an impact.

These days emails need to perform better than ever before. As well as every other email in an overflowing inbox, your email must compete for attention against all kinds of marketing channels.

Why Your Small Business Needs To Think About Effective Email Marketing

It is not easy to implement effective email marketing into your business. There are a range of factors you need to consider to get the most out of this channel and turn it into a success for your business.

Using ‘CRITICAL‘ to review your marketing efforts is a great way to improve your email marketing.

This stands for the essential elements of good email marketing, including starting a Conversation, ensuring it is Relevant and that there is a clear Incentive for customers.

It also covers Timing, Integration, Copy, Attributes and Landing Pages.

This structure will help you figure out how well suited your campaigns are to the interests and needs of the recipients, whether the offer is appealing and encourages a click-through to the site, and finally to help you consider the quality of the creative work. Does it engage the recipient and how well does the copy explain the offer?

Consider the below factors when creating your next email marketing campaign.

Critical Insights into Effective Email Marketing

1 – Start a Conversation – Prompt a conversation with your customers. Encourage them to engage with and promote your brand.

Effective email marketing made easy

2 – Relevance It will be no surprise to marketers that response rates for e-mails will be higher if they are targeted to the interests of your audience.

Make sure your email and offers meet the needs of the recipient. Otherwise you may be classified as spam.

3 – Incentive – Your customers want to know what’s in it for them.

What will they get for clicking on your button? Will they win something, or learn about a topic they are interested in?

If it doesn’t benefit them or their business, the chances they are to click or complete your call to action is low.

4 – Timing – Have you run tests on when you get the biggest conversion on your emails? Are you sending your emails at the correct time that match your audience?

If you are promoting an event, are you giving them enough time to sign up and make plans to go to the event?

Check your open and click-throughs based on the time the email was sent, and amend for the next send if needed.

5 – Integration – Emails engage better when they are part of an integrated campaign. Have your customers opened and clicked on a topic?

Have you sent a follow up in response to the previous content?

Good email design is essential for effective email marketing6 – Copy – Think about the structure, style, tone and explanation of the offer together with the location of hyperlinks in the e-mail.

7 – Attributes – Included in this is the subject line, from address, to address, date/time of receipt and format (HTML or text). Of these, subject line, from address and format are most important in influencing response.

8 – Landing Page Businesses sometimes encourage click-throughs to a web page that is already part of the site.

However, you will get a much better result from a landing page that is focused on achieving an action, specific to the content of the email.

Landing pages are an important part of effective email marketing

Zymplify’s Platform Can Maximise Your Effective Email Marketing

Zymplify has an integrated email marketing tool, with the ZympliGurus behind it to get the most out of your emails, giving advice in constructing the perfect email campaigns.

Using Zymplify to Maximise Your Email Marketing

Zymplify’s Email Tool Comes With:

  • Branded Customisable Emails
  • Email Scheduler
  • Integrated Landing Pages
  • Integrated Analytics
  • Heat Maps

The Zymplify platform is great for effective email marketing

To find out more about Zymplify’s Sales and Marketing Platform, Schedule a Demo with a member of our Sales team.

Written by Rebecca Millar, Customer Success Manager

Rebecca has been with the company for four years and knows all things Zymplify.

Her degree is in Computing, but she is a multi-tasker and loves the mix of work her role affords her. When she isn’t dealing with clients she ​is mastering and creating spreadsheets!