.introducing marketing as a service (maas)

Introducing Marketing as a Service (MAAS) – Levelling the Playing Field for Small Businesses

Small businesses today are punching above their weight when it comes to marketing automation and developing multichannel marketing strategies. How are they doing this? Marketing as a Service!

What is Marketing as a Service?

Small businesses are aware now more than ever that they need to go digital and embrace multi-channel marketing. There is, however, a big obstacle small businesses face in implementing marketing automation. The problem is the allocation of time and finding the necessary skills inhouse.

MaaS is the combination of Marketing Automation Software with Digital Services for small businesses. It provides enterprise-level marketing platforms to small businesses. These businesses are then supported with the skills and resources to effectively utilise the software.

Introducing Marketing as a Service – Why is it important?

Marketing has changed more in the last 10 years than in the previous 100 combined. In today’s world small businesses need to take a multichannel approach to marketing. Evidently, it is no longer viable to have a static website and expect customers to come to you. Consumers today are not static, they make buying decisions based on their own research across multiple channels. Therefore, if you want to catch a good customer you need to fish where the fish are.

Due to the major shift in marketing over the past 10 years the skillset required to be a modern marketer has changed dramatically.

For small businesses it is nigh on impossible to find these skills in one individual. Moreover, it would be extremely costly to hire them in from an agency or indeed train in-house personnel.

Introducing Marketing as a Service – What’s the solution?

With Zymplify’s Marketing as a Service offering small businesses get the enterprise level marketing automation tools they need to compete with larger businesses. As well as the digital expertise to manage the platform.

The Zymplify platform is a feature-rich automation suite covering all the core areas one would expect in any marketing automation platform e.g Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, PPC Marketing, Website Visitor Tracking, Social Media Marketing, Sales CRM, Integrated Marketing Calendar etc.

The Zympli-Gurus are a team of digital experts. We assist our clients in developing Marketing Strategies, Optimising SEO, Lead Generation, Pipeline management, ROI analysis etc.

Introducing Marketing as a Service – How does this compare to Hubspot?

Zymplify is unique in that it offers 5 hours per month of digital services included in the basic platform price of just £299 per month. Add to that they have no long-term contracts, do not charge more for increasing numbers of contacts and have no setup fees.

On a first-year comparison, Zymplify customers are saving on average 66% compared to Hubspot and get the support they need to run effective multichannel campaigns.

With this is mind, as a small business why pay more for less?

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Written by Michael Green, Head of Finance at Zymplify

Michael is a chartered accountant and certified GDPR practitioner from Derry City. He is part of the senior management team at Zymplify.

When he’s not counting beans or advising on all things GDPR related he spends his time training his 2-year-old son to be the next superstar footballer (he’s an avid LFC supporter but we won’t hold that against him).