Learn more about Facebook Advertising with Zymplify

Facebook Ads are a great way to spread your brand message and generate new leads. Best of all, you can start small at just £1 and then expand your ad activity based on the results.

Facebook have been taking steps to monetise the platform for some time. It is becoming increasingly difficult to produce meaningful results organically, so you may need to invest in Facebook Ads – even just a little – to keep up your current rate of engagement on your posts.

Facebook Advertising – Reach a Huge Audience

Facebook is the most popular social media site on the internet, boasting more than 2 billion active users. By getting involved with Facebook Ads you can spread your business’s message to a massive audience.

Most Facebook users view the platform on mobile and check their social media networks regularly throughout the day. This means you have a lot of great opportunities to reach your ideal customers through Facebook Ads.

It can be particularly effective in B2B industries, as it is a great opportunity to advertise to people checking their phone during work hours.

Facebook Advertising – Targeting

Facebook Ads lets you narrow down the audience for your ads with a range of targeting options. This means you can choose to target ads based on demographic, locations, behaviour and more.

This can help you reach the people who are most likely to become customers, saving on your time and marketing resources.

Many ads contain a Like button, which means that even if your ads don’t lead to clicks and engagements you may at least be building your following on Facebook. There is also an option for viewers to provide a reason when they close an ad, which can help you figure out where your campaigns might be going wrong.

Facebook Advertising – Testing

You can start running Facebook Ads with quite a low budget, which allows you to experiment with different campaigns. Run a few tests by making ads using different text and images to see what gets the best response.

Keep an eye on Facebook Analytics to gather information about campaigns which can help your improve your Ads in the future. Whatever you invest in Facebook Ads, it’s important to know exactly what you are getting out of it.

You can also experiment with different content that you make available through your ads. This testing can help you develop your overall content and marketing strategy.

Facebook Advertising with Zymplify

Zymplify guide and support our clients as they set up and develop their PPC strategy. This involves Facebook Ads, but also includes Google Advertising as well as ads on Twitter and LinkedIn.

To find out more about how Zymplify can help you with Facebook Ads and PPC in general, Download our Brochure.