marketing and machine learning

Marketing and Machine Learning

Over the last couple of years, Machine Learning has been evolving at a massive rate. The applications and accuracy of these AI robots has shifted how a lot of fields have worked for years.

The possibilities of advanced Machine Learning are endless. In this blog post we will focus on the marketing aspect of this technology.

Over 95% of leaders believe that the future of marketing will consist of advanced tools for visualizing and analysis of data. As well as machine learning-based automation entities for identifying your target market.

What is Machine Learning Being Used For?

Machine Learning techniques are being used to solve many complex problems which businesses will benefit from massively. Like never before our modern world revolves around data. Many different areas of life are starting to adopt Machine Learning as a tool in their modern toolbelt.

For a modern marketing team finding every bit of useful information within mountains of data can be near impossible.

Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence are already changing our everyday lives. From digital assistants to image recognition to self-driving cars. What used to be called ‘gimmicks’ will end up changing our lives far more than we realise.

What Exactly is Machine Learning?

Simply put, Machine Learning is the combination of science, statistics and coding. The aim is to make predictions based on patterns found in the data given to it.

This is much different to the old method systems used for prediction which was rule-based decision making, which follow an explicit set of instructions known by the developers in advance.

Machine Learning algorithms are designed to analyze data and discover patterns that people cannot find by themselves. In other words, Machine Learning leverages the massive power and objectivity of computers to see things in big data that slow and biased humans cannot. Next step is to use those insights to determine how new data can be used to accurately predict results.

Machine Learning Algorithms

This is done by giving your AI a large amount of data, an objective and a result which you wish to achieve. These ‘bots’ will be very inaccurate in the beginning. However, if you have thousands of bots attempting the same task some will get closer than others.

These bots are then tested on how close they came to the objective. The top performers are kept and the others discarded. New bots are then generated based on the last exam’s top performers. Thus, the loop continues hundreds of thousands of times until a bot can correctly predict results.

Improving Bots through Human Feedback

There are many other factors that can play a part in improving bots, a major one being human feedback. For this reason, many different companies are using their platforms/services to gain extra useful information to help bots improve.

Google Captchas 

I’m guessing you have come across this before? I wonder what Google could use the data gathered by these tests? Of course it’s self-driving cars. And while they need to verify you’re human you might as well help improve the future.

Furthermore, this isn’t the first time Google or any other company have used users to help improve their AI.

Less than 10 years ago they were using the same technique to digitise scanned books which were uploaded to the internet. The Internet Archive is some hundreds of thousands of scanned classic books. However, some could not be accurately converted into a digital format.

To help achieve this and also help the AI improve, the captchas were used again. Some words were also changed to decrease the chance of another bot bypassing it.

ReCaptcha book project in use

If this wasn’t enough Google also used their Captcha system to help map out the words roads and locations. This was done by showing users pictures of house numbers and road signs.

Captcha Google Maps mapping project in use

But what does it mean for marketing?! Keep your eyes peeled on this space for follow up post coming soon.

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Written by Connor Johnson, Software Developer at Zymplify

Connor is a recent 1st class Computing degree graduate. He is an experienced developer with over 5 years of experience in web development.

Outside of work, he is passionate about many projects he is currently developing. As well as keeping up to date with all the new trends in technology.

Aside from computer-related interests he has been an avid football fan all of his life. Connor enjoys playing and watching football every chance he gets.