turn your website into a lead generator

Turn Your Website Into a Lead Generator

Website traffic is hard to come by and so when people land on your site you want to make sure there are multiple engagement opportunities. But how can you achieve this?

Gathering Leads From Your Website

There are three areas I’d like to focus on in terms of gathering leads from your website. These are a built-in web form, live chat and pop-ups. The first and most important aspect here is to make sure all leads go somewhere. That the leads will be picked up and acted on, and ideally all 3 should go to the same place – like a central CRM.

Web form

A web form is a standard feature on all websites. If people are looking for more information or have a query the webform comes in handy. The web form should contain basic contact fields as this makes it more inviting for people to fill out. On most web forms, name and email will suffice, as people may be unwilling to give their phone number at this point.

Live Chat

While I acknowledge that this is not for every type of business, having a live chat option can be beneficial. It is both a great way to gather leads and to improve customer service. Having a friendly human to talk to when you have a question is proven to be an effective CRM method. It can be the difference between a positive experience or a negative review on social media! Live chats are often ‘gated’. This means that before engaging in a conversion the user has to provide some basic contact details.


A somewhat divisive topic because we’ve all come across annoying pop-up ads before. However, if they are done well they can be a great lead capture source. The key is to offer something beneficial and special, that way it won’t be seen as a nuisance. A good rule of thumb for style is clean and simple with minimal text. For example, a solid colour background with a header and a call to action shouldn’t be too intrusive.

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Written by Gavin Greer, Client Success Executive at Zymplify

Gavin is the original jack of all trades, having spent time in radio, digital publishing and hospitality management.

He has worked on campaigns for local councils, radio stations and large events such as the North West 200. When not working he loves to play golf (when his wife allows him) and is the constantly tired father of two terrors.