Learn some social media skills with our Twitter cheat sheet

Although Twitter has been around for more than a decade, it is a platform that few marketers have truly mastered.

Too often you see Twitter pages with a low following despite actively posting for years on end, or a page who may even be losing followers due to the stale old sales pitch posts they post relentlessly.

We’ll take a look at what the experts say about Twitter and give you a few quick tips on how to improve the performance of your tweets.

Twitter Cheat Sheet – Tidy Up Your Profile

A lot of people fail to make the most of the space available in their profile to show off your company’s products and style to the world wide web.

You have room for 160 characters in your bio. Be sure to write something helpful and interesting and include links to encourage readers to visit your website or other social media pages.

Choose good, colourful images for your profile picture (best dimensions 400×400) and main image (1500×500). Use the same images and colours for your Twitter page as your website or other social media pages where possible.

If you have specific brand colours, you can include these on your Twitter page. First, you may need to work out the colour codes of your brand colours.

This can be easily worked out by opening a picture of your logo or website in most image editing software and then use a colour picker to find out the colour’s info. For example, Zymplify blue’s hex colour code is #40b2e1.

Once you’ve worked it out click Edit Profile on Twitter, click Theme Colour, enter the colour code you like and click Save Changes.

Twitter Cheat Sheet – Posts

According to Postcron, followers are much more likely to engage with tweets that contain URLs, hashtags or images than tweets without these elements.

They say that a tweet with a URL in the middle of the text is 26% more likely to get retweeted than a tweet with a URL at the end or beginning. They also say that adding a hashtag to your tweet makes it 33% more likely that followers will engage with it.

Adding an image or video is another simple and effective way to boost engagement with your tweets. The data shows that tweets with images are 34% more likely to get retweeted than tweets without. Bear in mind that photos in your Twitter stream look best when the dimensions are 1024×512.

Improve your tweets with our Twitter Cheat Sheet

Very few companies encourage their followers to retweet their posts, yet the data shows that this is a really effective tactic. It’s estimated that asking followers to retweet or RT can boost the retweet rate to 23 times the average.

Also make use of the option to pin tweets to the top of your profile, particularly if you are running particular marketing campaigns or if you have a special offer that you think customers would be interested in.

Twitter Cheat Sheet – Post Timing

Forbes says that you’re most likely to get retweets around 3pm to 5pm. They say that the worst time to post is after 8pm.

They say that for B2C businesses, the best time to tweet is on Wednesday and at the weekend. B2B businesses on the other hand, should find that they get the best response to tweets sent out on Monday and Thursday.

Twitter Cheat Sheet – Building a Following

A good way to build up a following on Twitter is to follow 20 people with similar interests every day. Many of them will follow you back and you’ll quickly build up a decent amount of followers. Also follow people who have expressed an interest in your profile by retweeting or liking your posts.

Don’t be boring or too self-promotional with your content. Try to vary your tweets so there are some fun and interesting posts as well as ones about your company’s products and services.

Twitter is also a great tool for establishing your authority in a niche without an actual need to create content. If you find that you often see posts that your audience would be interested in, be sure to share them. This can also help you build up a relationship with the company or person that is posting the Tweets in the first place.

Learn about building a following using our Twitter Cheat Sheet

Bear in mind that DMs (direct messages) are your friend. Make sure you set them to be available to everyone by default, as this can encourage people to get in touch with questions and comments they might not want to post publicly.

This can also work in your favour. If you find that someone is complaining about your company in public, make an effort to move the conversation to direct messages – away from the eyes of potential customers.

Also be sure to check your analytics regularly to see how your tweets are performing and which were the most effective. To access this, go to your profile and then click View Your Top Tweets.

Twitter Cheat Sheet – Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are some quick keyboard shortcuts that can come in handy if you’re viewing Twitter on a desktop.

Space – Scroll down the feed

Shift + Space – Scroll up the feed

J – Move down the feed a tweet at a time

K – Move up the feed one tweet at a time

R – Respond to a tweet selected using J or K

T – Retweet the selected tweet

F – Favourite the selected tweet

O – Expand the photo

M – Send a direct message

U – Mute user

B – Block user

/ – Go the search box

N – Start typing a new tweet

G + H – Go to the Home screen

G + N – Go to your Notifications

G+P – Go to your Profile

G+L – Go to your Likes

G+M – Go to your Messages

G+S – Go to your settings

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