Learn the basics of putting together an effective digital marketing plan

The Basics of Developing a Digital Marketing Plan

Putting together a digital marketing plan is a vital first step for any serious marketing strategy.

Creating the plan will not only help you focus on your objectives, but will also ensure that you make the most of the resources that are available.

Why Create a Digital Marketing Plan?

A good plan can help a business achieve the best possible return on investment for their marketing efforts.

A carefully considered strategy is a much more cost-effective way of going about things than the typical ‘scattergun’ approach to marketing that some businesses adopt.

You should begin by taking a close look at your current marketing efforts and then determine your objectives for the future.

Creating a Digital Marketing Plan – Audience

You need to consider the audience for your marketing strategy. This stage involves Segmentation, which means developing key personas and Targeting those personas through marketing channels.

Personas involve fictional characters that embody general traits of an ideal customer. Putting together an idea of the job roles, goals and challenges of your ideal customer can make a huge difference to your marketing strategy.

Creating a Digital Marketing Plan – Tactics

Once you have an idea of your audience, you must consider which marketing channels to use.

A multichannel approach, incorporating a mix of channels like social media, PPC and email, is often the most effective.

After you implement your plan, you can then continue to improve on it by paying attention to analytics and making adjustments.


Creating a Digital Marketing Plan with Zymplify

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