Integrating Sales and Marketing

Integrating Sales and Marketing – A More Efficient Way to Work

Sales and Marketing professionals often have very different goals and agendas, even if they are working for the same company.

Companies with a divided, fractured approach to Sales and Marketing could lose out to companies that embrace the advantages of both skillsets.

Creating a strategy to get both teams working in harmony can help create a more efficient workforce which will generate better inbound leads and lead to more sales.

Integrating Sales and Marketing – Find Shared Goals

Getting the Sales and Marketing teams speaking the same language is an important first step in integrating the two teams.

The best way to motivate both teams is to get them to focus on their shared goals. Particularly their primary goal of generating revenue for the company.

Both teams should work together to agree plans on how to deal with incoming leads and when they will be handed from the marketing team to the sales team.

They should also agree on targets for the number of leads generated for marketing and a commitment from sales to spend a certain amount of time attempting to convert qualified leads.

Integrating Sales and Marketing – Specialise

Once they have agreed on their goals and priorities, Sales and Marketing should develop a strategy for generating leads and bringing in more sales.

Get both teams to work together on creating personas. These are fictional representations of what your target audience may be like.

Using this information they can then create content to suit different types of people.

Integrating Sales and Marketing – Improve

Tracking and measuring the success of targets can help your team discover exactly what improvements can be made to your current Marketing and Sales processes.

Both teams should consult analytics to ensure they are moving towards their shared goals.

As the strategy continues to evolve, opportunities to develop the capabilities of both teams should be considered.

This could take the form of training that helps both teams understand each other’s points of view. Or tools that enable better communication and reporting between the two teams.

Integrating Sales and Marketing with Zymplify

Zymplify can help also you put together a plan for integrating your business’s sales and marketing teams.

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