Planning for Digital Marketing Success

Success in marketing campaigns can prove elusive using the tactics that many businesses employ. Too many businesses adopt a ‘scattergun’ approach to marketing, trying to do everything at once and doing none of it well.

Crafting a substantial plan can help you generate the best possible return on your investment.

Let’s take a look at how to develop an effective strategy for digital marketing success.

Planning for Digital Marketing Success – Assess Current Situation

Before making plans for the future, it’s important to get a good understanding of what is possible with the available marketing resources.

Take stock of the budget assigned to marketing, as well as the skills available internally. You may also need to consider outsourcing some marketing tasks.

Also revisit any past marketing campaigns to see what channels and content proved to be the most effective in the past.

Consider your main objectives for your digital marketing plan, whether this involves generating sales and leads or building brand awareness.

Figure out your priorities for the immediate future and then build your initial strategy around them.

Planning for Digital Marketing Success – Develop a Strategy

Begin your plan by building up an idea of your target audience using key Personas. These are sketches of the key segments of your target audience. Also think about what channels and campaigns they might be interested in and objections they may have to buying.

Personas can help you develop content that your audience will find relevant and useful. Information for personas can be gathered by speaking to your sales team, research on social media and website analytics, as well as directly asking existing customers about their experience.

Planning for Digital Marketing Success – Monitor and Improve

Once your plan is in place, you will need to consider how the performance of marketing campaigns will be measured. This may involve looking at the analytics for different marketing channels and assigning clear targets for each channel and campaign.

Schedule meetings with everyone involved to regularly review your overall strategy. These meetings can be helpful for addressing issues and also discovering potential improvements to your plan.

Planning for Digital Marketing Success with Zymplify

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