Why your small business needs a contact management platform

Why Your Small Business Needs A Contact Management Platform

Keeping track of your contacts across multiple platforms and accounts can be a nightmare to manage. With a scattered management of your contacts, you lose the visibility of which channels you’re engaging with. As well as keeping track whether they are already within your Sales CRM.

With this, storing confidential information on individual contacts comes with its risks. You need to ensure, it is being stored in a secure and safe place. It is imperative that others outside your workforce can’t gain access to confidential content.

Why you need a CRM

With GDPR coming into effect May 2018, it is especially important to have a central area to store your contacts. Where everyone who opted in to receive your marketing are outlined so you can keep a history of this. The question you need to ask yourself is, “Will GDPR Affect My Business?” The answer is yes, GDPR will affect all businesses and it is time to start getting your contact database ready. Keeping this information in a spreadsheet is no longer feasible. Due to the time-consuming nature of it.  Spreadsheets also have the downside of not showing a single customer view on how each contact is interacting with your business, and whether they have opted in to receive your marketing.

Customise CRM Your Way with Zymplify

This is where Zymplify comes in – we provide an All in One Marketing Software that gives an integrated view of all customers with their own dashboard and audit trail of your activity with them and their engagements with you. See exactly when and how they have engaged, including invaluable website page visits, downloads, etc. Customise and build your contact CRM your way. Add or remove attributes and properties such as contact social media profiles, demographic characteristics, etc. and create custom fields specific to your business.

We allow you to create targeted segments based on your contacts engagements, properties and how they are engaging with your business.

Most importantly, we give full visibility of how they have opted into your business, making it easier to keep yourself safe and secure when it comes to GDPR rules and regulations. That being said, why don’t you try it out for yourself! Click here for a free demo of Zymplify’s Marketing software. 


Written by Rebecca Millar, Customer Success Manager

Rebecca has been with the company for four years and knows all things Zymplify.

Her degree is in Computing, but she is a multi-tasker and loves the mix of work her role affords her. When she isn’t dealing with clients she is mastering and creating spreadsheets!