ZympliGurus are on hand to offer digital marketing support and advice

When you sign up for the Zymplify All-In-One Solution package you not only get use of the integrated dashboard.

You not only get features like in-depth analytics of your website, social media and email campaigns.

You not only get the ability to track potential customers and create custom campaigns to target them directly.

You’ll also have access to our team of ZympliGurus.

Who are the ZympliGurus?

Picture the A-Team armed with wireless mice, or imagine that the Avengers really took the time to get to grips with LinkedIn and you’ll come close to the sort of expert support and advice our ZympliGurus can provide.

We bundle 50 credits (worth 5 hours) of support from ZympliGurus per month with the All-In-One Solution Package, which means they will be on hand and on demand when you need them.

Like Batman. Or Dr Phil I guess.

ZympliGurus can deal with any marketing automation issue
Unfortunately, Zymplify cannot guarantee this level of moustache excellence from our Gurus. But we’re working on it!

ZympliGurus are experts in digital marketing. Whether you need advice on campaign design, PPC ads, or SEO, they’re always ready to help.

They can take you through every step of the process, from designing a website, blog, or social media profile from scratch, to taking the time to explain how to tailor your message for the audience you’re aiming for.

In other words, there’s no digital task too difficult for our ZympliGurus, no marketing issue that they can’t take on, including:

  • Website and Content SEO
  • Creating engaging digital ads
  • Setting up Web Forms, Pop Ups and Landing Pages
  • Handling social media
  • Organising webinars and eBooks
  • Creating custom audiences for email and SMS campaigns

Give Your Digital Marketing a Boost with Zymplify

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