Attract Your Audiences through Multi-Channel Marketing


Zymplify’s platform allows you to manage and track all your marketing channels in one customisable dashboard.

Attract Audiences
Attract Via Multi-Channel

Website Marketing

Turn your website into a lead gen machine through website marketing. Identify unknown website visitors, track what your visitors are doing in real time, see which marketing campaigns are driving traffic to your site and flag hot prospects for your sales team.

Attract Via Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Sending email campaigns through the dashboard couldn’t be simpler. Use our inbound marketing area to build your email campaigns, including landing pages, post-entry pages, and auto-responders. Plus we’ve given you a wealth of templates to choose from, so you’ll never be stuck for inspiration when it comes to design.

Create beautiful, branded email campaigns and measure their success with advanced analytics from first click through to final conversion.

Attract Via Social Marketing

Social Marketing

Connect your social media profiles and turn social conversations into loyal customers. Post to multiple networks from a single dashboard, analyse engagement by platform and prove your social ROI.

Attract Via Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

With average open rates of 98% on SMS, mobile marketing can be a great tool for engaging with existing and new customers.

The mobile marketing feature allows you to build inbound SMS campaigns which allow you to receive leads via an SMS keyword (UK only) and send back customisable response messages.

Our bulk outbound SMS tool enables you to reach anyone, anywhere in the world via SMS in an instant.

Attract Via Digital Ads

Digital Ads

By connecting your digital ad accounts, such as Google, Facebook and LinkedIn to the dashboard you’ll be able to see the high-level stats of all your campaigns, such as total spend, cost-per-click (CPC), conversion rate, and more.

With our integrated PPC module, you can track the post click activity on all of your paid ads enabling you to calculate a full ROI on each individual campaign.


Intent-driven demand generation.

We provide you with a full suite of marketing tools, to ensure you target the right person, at the right time, with the right message. Fully automated.


Input your contact list, or, if you don’t have one, we can help you identify prospects who are researching your product / industry, and who are looking at your competition.


Manage your content and send it to the right prospect, at right stage of their buyer journey, using our easy to use content hub.


Build beautiful landing pages and emails. Create workflows to manage your contacts and integrate your sales and marketing.


Sit back and watch the qualified leads flood into your pipeline, ready to be closed.

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