Buyer’s Journey

Zymplify’s buyer journey allows you to identify your customers buying journey and the process they go through from first click to close. We understand that every business is different, so customise your buyer journey to suit your business’s needs.

Building your Buyer Journey

The purpose of Zymplify’s buyer journey feature is to illustrate the hypothetical journey a customer takes – going from someone who knows nothing about your company, to becoming your client. You will do this by creating unique and engaging content for every stage of that funnel.

Review your Buyer Journey

You want to be able to nurture your potential customers with educational and engaging content from the awareness stage right through to upsell or whichever steps you have in your customised buyer journey.

Understanding what content you have at each stage of the buyer journey is so important. This helps you identify any missing areas that you may have with your content. Review graphs of the content types you have in each stage of the journey and identify what still needs to be created.