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We give you the tools you need to create, launch and manage your multichannel marketing automation campaigns, all in one place.
Marketing funnel automation.
Optimize your customer lifecycle from initial engagement to retention and loyalty with automated outreach in each step.

Let marketing automation do the work for you with response-driven nurture marketing campaigns—all sent to targeted lists. 

Campaigns are triggered based on criteria you define, leading recipients down a highly personalized path.
Visual journey designer and interactive template builder.
Create beautiful, mobile-friendly email campaigns with the interactive template builder where you can customize colors and fonts. Start with one of our sample templates or import and edit your existing HTML templates with our super easy-to-use builder.

Setup custom nurture streams with the visual campaign designer, providing a graphical representation of your communication flow. Preview email campaigns before sending with both mobile and desktop views to ensure your images and content render perfectly.
Effective lead capture, scoring and nurturing.
Grow your audience with effective lead capture forms and surveys that feed contacts and responses automatically, through online marketing automation. 

Notify users and create activities and opportunities automatically as recipients respond. Identify your most interested prospects with lead scoring based on campaign engagement, web form responses, and website interactions.

Prioritised leads are pushed into groups automatically for easy sales follow-up.
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