3 ways to cleanse your database
In this short guide, we will show you three simple steps that you can take to achieve a fruitful database.
Why is a clean database important?
If you cleanse your data regularly, you will avoid a scenario where your analytics are skewed. If you are marketing to a list of dud emails, then you could encounter low response rates, and your marketing campaigns might not be proving cost-effective. After all, when you’ve carefully created a comprehensive database, it can be an incredibly frustrating situation to find yourself in.
How can Zymplify help?
Bring all your marketing & sales activities into one centralised dashboard...

If an organisation’s marketing activities are decentralised, they will struggle to manage all their databases and obtain a single customer view of data subjects.

Bringing all a company’s marketing and sales activities into one centralised dashboard can help companies to maintain a central repository of data subjects’ information and makes it much easier for businesses to maintain accurate and up-to-date data.

The dashboard also makes it much simpler to respond to access requests from data subjects and to remove data from the system when it is no longer appropriate or lawful to retain.
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