Find Out How to Guarantee a Return

from Your G2 Buyer Intent Data


Zymplify’s G2 Intent tool identifies contact names and email addresses from your G2 Buyer Intent Company list.

You can then use Zymplify’s marketing and sales automation tools to nurture these prospects at scale, so no manual outreach is required.


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Let us show you how to power-up your G2 buyer intent data and accelerate your succes, at scale.

We will:

  • Find contact details of the prospects who are researching your market. 
  • Use marketing automation to turn these leads into sales.


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  1. Connecting your G2 account with Zymplify.
  2. Setting up your target audience.
  3. Appending your G2 buyer intent data.
  4. How to nurture your prospects at scale. 
  5. Our lead-scoring tools.


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"We were very inefficient without Zymplify, losing lots of business opportunities."


Jon Williams, MD, 

Strategic Proposals.


"Zymplify's ease of use and never-ending useful features were exactly what we needed.”​


Caitriona McCarry, Client Account Manager, Instagiv.


"We love the Zymplify platform and the wealth of intelligent features at a great price."


Lauren Kearney, Client Success Manager, Marketing Wizards.


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