5 Cost-Effective Ways You Can

Find High Quality Leads For Your Business


The art of finding the right prospects for a business is knowing where to look. And, we’ve got the map! 


At Zymplify we have five secret weapons in our automated prospecting arsenal to help you find real leads, real fast; without having to expand your own resources or budget.


The art of finding the right prospects for a business is knowing where to look. And, we’ve got the map! Our intelligent tools can turbo-charge your lead generation and identify sales leads you didn’t know you had.


  • LinkedIn Prospector - Turn your LinkedIn profile into a lead generation machine using our LinkedIn Prospector tool
  • Website Intent - Reveal the full company and contact profiles of your anonymous website visitors.
  • Intent Signals - Find prospects that are looking at your product, or researching your industry / competitors
  • G2 Intent - Manage and enhance data you receive from G2 with full company and contact information.
  • Domain Prospector - If you've got a list of companies and their website URL you could be sitting on a gold mine! Let us find the contacts you want from those businesses. 


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Jon Williams, MD, 

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© 2020 Zymplify