Capture the Flag

Become a Cyber Hacker for the Day

at Cyber Expo & Conference Ireland 2022

Sponsored by Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet in association with Zero Days

No Cyber Security Skills Required!

On Thursday 28th April 2022, join Renaissance and ICT Skillnet at The Leopardstown Pavilion in Dublin for Cyber Expo & Conference Ireland where we will be hosting an engaging gamified cyber security challenge!

It is widely accepted that everyone in business, whether communicating, trading online or working within cloud-based networks, needs to be aware of the potential cyber risks and threats that exist.

Capture the Flag is a unique, fun and engaging way to learn cybersecurity concepts and gain new skills. It also demonstrates how vulnerable computer technology is and helps participants to become more aware and skilled at securing and defending against attacks.

Who is this aimed at?

Regardless of background or skillset, CTFs really are suitable for all ability levels. If you know how to open a web browser then you’re ready to take part in your first CTF event.

Equally if you are an experienced cybersecurity professional there are challenges to suit all levels.

So, if you enjoy solving puzzles, want to learn a little about cyber security or just want to challenge yourself, then these events are for you!

Find out how well you navigate cyber security challenges!

The Capture The Flag is an interactive fun environment and an opportunity for organisations to have their employees engage in a set of technical or non-technical challenges which:

  • Trains them to both recognise and mitigate exposure to potential threats
  • Ensures that they hone their cyber awareness skills through puzzles and challenges
  • Tests their knowledge and competency, both individually, and as a team

During the Capture the Flag event, participants compete in teams to try to complete various challenges. In these challenges, the participants are usually asked to find a specific piece of text that may be hidden in some file, picture or on a webpage. This text is called the flag, hence the name!

Competitors try to complete as many challenges as they can; completing a challenge earns you a flag which scores you points. The competitor with the most points at the end of the day is the winner. Instructors are always available to offer more help and nudge you in the right direction if you get stuck.

What Past Participants Have Said

“Took part in today’s CTF and had a great time with an ad-hoc team. The advanced challenges were surprising – new and clever. We got the silver, hats off to the team that went home with gold. Absolutely recommended!”


“Overall – I REALLY enjoyed the event. The experience of the environments, the types of challenges, the topics of the challenges, working in a team. Loved it. This will be my 1st of many!”


“It made you think outside the box, brought back some old skills I don’t use much anymore”


“The moderators were very helpful and responsive – it all worked really well.”

ICT Skillnet

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