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Cathedral Eye Clinic is excited to be introducing Ireland's first VisuMax Smile Laser Eye Surgery 

SMILE Laser Eye Surgery achieves the visual result of LASIK eye surgery, but without the risks associated with this procedure. 
SMILE has been successfully performed on more than 150,000 eyes.

What is SMILE? 

SMILE is short for Small Incision lenticule Extraction. The surgeon only uses one type of laser (Femtosecond) for the complete procedure.

The Femtosecond laser penetrates the surface of the cornea without making any cut and focuses on the deeper part of the cornea to carve out a shape called the lenticule.

SMILE has been successfully performed on more than 150,000 eyes and has become an established laser vision procedure for the correction of myopia.

Cathedral Eye Clinic specialises in using the most up to date technology and treatments to enable people of all ages to achieve long-term freedom from glasses and contact lenses. There are now treatment options to manage every patients eye needs
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