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Increase customer acquisition by targeting key decision makers when they are in the market for a solution to a problem you can solve.


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How will this factsheet help me and my business?


This guide reflects on the following questions, and provides a checklist on how to overcome these issues.

✅ What is the Surge Feature

✅ The 6 Pillars on Intent Explained

✅ How Surge helps with Lead Generation

✅ How to Prioritise Buyers

✅ An Outline of Actionable Data

✅ What Custom Reveal Options are available


Implementing Surge for your business


Enabling B2B organisations to prioritise prospects exhibiting high levels of intent to buy. Increase their customer acquisition by shining a spotlight on specific accounts and approaching buyers at the right moment.


Deliver new leads faster by prioritising prospects with high intent using data-driven marketing and sales insights.


End to End Revenue Operations


Zymplify Revenue Operations is the alignment of Data, Sales and Marketing operations across the full customer buying cycle to drive growth through operational efficiency, technology, while keeping all teams accountable to revenue.


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