Improve Your Business With Automation

Does your team have tedious tasks that take up their working day, leaving your customers or users without any support? Automate these processes with Allsop's platform to start adding value to your customers and enjoy active job satisfaction. Learn more about Automation Solutions and the way they can improve your business processes with our Info Pack.


What's Inside



Find out more about our company and how Allsop's platform helps similar businesses to thrive



Implement this solution to help Customer Service Team deliver the best customer experience



Unleash your data potentials with automation and AI technologies



Automate HR department to have all processes from recruitment to onboarding in one place


About Us

We are a Belfast-based software company established in 1996 by Trevor Allsop, dedicated to improving the lives of business software users, across Ireland, UK and US. 


As a team, we understand your business processes and hence deliver digital workflow solutions that make your business run smoothly exceeding customer expectations with lower costs delivering increased profits.


To date, we have delivered more than 500 projects, making working lives better across many departments.