How to best respond to Privileged Access Management Regulations & Directives

Thursday 30th June 2022


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Compliance with multiple regulations is sometimes perceived as a constraint, but it is nevertheless necessary to ensure effective information security. Mandatory for some organisations, or highly recommended to comply with for others, these regulations & directives must be followed


Ireland’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has highlighted in their latest advisory report that following the HSE cyber attacks, there is still an ongoing and imminent threat to organisations in Ireland. The NCSC report focuses on the threat from Conti Ransomware criminals that target society's most critical infrastructures and also provides advice on what security measures organisations should implement in response. The recommendations outlined can be implemented using Systancia products.


For many organisations, privileged access to their information system has long been a weakness. With their "administrator rights", any malicious action, intentional or not, from a privileged user, poses a significant risk to the entire information system. In this webinar, Systancia will explain through concrete scenarios, how Privileged Access Management (PAM) can help you to raise the level of security of your or your customers' information systems. 


14:00   Business Introduction, Michael Conway, Renaissance
14:05  How to best respond to Privileged Access Management regulations & directives, Sabrina Hamed, Systancia

14:30  Q&A 
14:45 Close


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Hundreds of organisations already rely on Systancia’s secure access experience platform, for projects such as:

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