Partner Webinar:

How to Cut Network Monitoring and Defence Costs by 2/3s

Thursday 24th November 2022 | 2pm - 2:45pm


Cloud Network Detection and Response – The New, Low Cost, Trend 

Network and cloud threat visibility is critical to defending organisations, but appliance Network Detection and response (NDR) tools are expensive and complex.  It is said that one euro spent on a SaaS solution is equivalent to spending three euros on an on-premise solution.  That ratio holds true especially if your customers are deploying technology across multiple locations.  The fact is that the costs of an on-premise solution add up quickly. The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for a cloud-native SaaS NDR is 2/3s less equivalent on-premise NDR solution. Legacy NDR tools like Darktrace and Vectra are complex, costly, and beyond the reach of many small and medium enterprises.


Enter new generation 100% cloud-native NDR tools like CyGlass and gone is the need for on-premise appliances, switches, network taps, hardware upgrades or even the addition of staff.  


Join us for this Partner webinar to learn why CyGlass, the next generation cloud-native SaaS NDR solution with capabilities powered by an AI engine, fuelled by the AWS tech stack is the way to go.  

Why Attend?

Join this webinar to find out how CyGlass changes the TCO game for NDR by combining a 100% cloud-native deployed platform with an award winning AI based threat detection and correlation. We will also provide insight into how you can;

  • Show your customers how they can cut their TCO costs by 2/3s and still maintain the same level of network defence.
  • Support your customers as they contemplate moving from appliance based NDR tools, like Darktrace, Vectra and other legacy tools to new generation cloud-native SaaS NDR solution.
  • Educate your customers on the Top 3 Reasons why CyGlass customers think Cloud-Native NDRs tools that offer highly effective and affordable network and cloud defense are a must have.


14:00: Business Introduction, Michael Conway, Renaissance.

14:05: Cyglass TBC

14:35: Q&A

14:45: Close

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Michael Conway,

Director, Renaissance

William Munroe,

VP of Marketing, Cyglass

CyGlass Cloud-Native SaaS NDR delivers powerful threat detection and remediation with a low operating cost. Check out the resources below to learn more:

We work with our partners to deliver solutions and services to make your clients and customers IT environments more secure and compliant and future proof these solutions by tailoring these to suit their needs and requirements. Renaissance and our suite of security vendors and partners are ideally placed to work with organisations to help analyse current security systems, design a way to improve them, and deliver the improvements over time. Starting with the most critical systems and vulnerabilities. Learn more.

CyGlass simply and effectively identifies, detects, and responds to threats to your network without requiring any additional hardware, software, or people. The CyGlass Cloud continuously analyzes the billions of conversations happening on your network, learns what is normal, and alerts when suspicious behaviors that risk the security of your critical IT assets are detected. CyGlass complies with data privacy laws as the CyGlass Cloud doesn’t require any personally identifiable information (PII) to detect threats.  Learn More. 


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