Precision Sales & Marketing Factsheet


What is the easiest method to create a right time, right place, right message marketing campaign?


Using a Precision Sales and Marketing strategy you can engage cold prospects with automated journeys, nurture leads with cadences, and send the hottest leads straight to the sales team.


Save TIme   |   Save Money   |   Scale FAST


Identify in-market buyers and their stage in the buyer journey, and deliver them more relevant and compelling messaging, in the channel they are natively in.


✅  End to end marketing 

✅  Data on demand 

✅  Automated journeys

✅  Cadences pipeline 

✅  Integrated CRM 



End to End Revenue Operations


Zymplify Revenue Operations is the alignment of Data, Sales and Marketing operations across the full customer buying cycle to drive growth through operational efficiency, technology, while keeping all teams accountable to revenue.


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