A Beginners Guide to:

The 3 Pillars of RevOps Success


Process, Platform, and People are the three pillars of RevOps. Each pillar serves as a foundation upon which the following pillar is placed.


If each pillar is correctly established, you can only attain focus, clarity, and velocity throughout your go-to-market team.


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How will this factsheet help me and my business?


Explore the foundations of setting up a successful RevOps structure:

✅ Why adopt RevOps

✅ Getting the right processes in place 

✅ Connecting & aligning your technology 

✅ The importance of organisational buy-in 


Implementing a RevOps Structure


Research shows 21% of companies have seen increases in alignment and productivity across GTM teams after adopting a RevOps function.  


While organisations with tighter alignment of go-to-market teams saw a 100%-200% increase in ROI for their digital marketing initiatives.


Only when you have each pillar properly defined can you achieve focus, clarity, and accountability throughout your organisation.


End to End Revenue Operations


Zymplify Revenue Operations is the alignment of Data, Sales and Marketing operations across the full customer buying cycle to drive growth through operational efficiency, technology, while keeping all teams accountable to revenue.


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