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Implementing Barrel Scanning 

Hosted Live on Thursday 20th April 2023


Barrel Scanning software is an essential tool for any spirit production environment looking to increase the effectiveness of their inventory management processes. 

Scanning software which integrates directly with your inventory management solution dramatically simplifies the process of recording barrel locations and movements, improving the accuracy of your inventory data and overall warehouse efficiency. 

This webinar was originally delivered live by one of DRAMS Implementation Consultants, Katie McKay.

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Webinar Agenda

About Your Host:

  • Overview of Scanning in a Distillery Environment 


  • Best Practice for Implementing Scanning
    • Barcodes, RFID Tags, etc.
    • Label Printing Methods 
    • When to start labeling your barrels? 
    • Scanner Hardware & Operating Systems


  • Features & Fnctionality of a Barrel Scanning Solution


Katie McKay

DRAMS Implementation Consultant

Over the last 12 months Katie has worked on a number of DRAMS Scan implementation projects with customers of various sizes, including having spent several weeks onsite in Mexico with one of our largest Tequila customers.




One of DRAMS most popular products is our DRAMS Scan Module.


Available as a standalone solution or integrated into the core DRAMS system, DRAMS Scan enables users to effectively manage inventory position data and barrel movements. 

DRAMS Scan provides a number of key benefits, including: 

  • Productivity: Warehouse staff can easily and accurately record thousands of barrel locations per day.
  • Space Saving: Accurate barrel location data improves warehouse space utilization.
  • Avoid Mistakes: Eliminate costly production errors caused by the incorrect removal of barrels.
  • Time-Saving: Undertake fast, accurate inventory checks and remove the pain from stock-taking and physical inventory counts.

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