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The Zymplify Guide to Digital Marketing Planning​...
In this guide, you will discover:
  • What a digital marketing plan is
  • Why follow a marketing plan
  • The process of setting up a marketing plan
  • How to analyse your current situation
  • What objectives you should set up
  • The strategy to follow
  • Key personas
  • How to build your audiences
  • The tactics and actions to follow 
  • How to monitor and control your plan to ensure success
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Introducing Zymplify
Growing a small business today can be tough, but there’s a simpler way. Introducing Zymplify.

Zymplify helps your business grow by turning strangers into digital audiences, and digital audiences into customers.

We’ll take complexity and fragmentation out of the equation and our skilled team are also on hand to add additional marketing services around the platform when required.
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