Getting Started with Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
PPC is a form of advertising, that serves targeted ads to your audience. These ads are the best way to target your audience directly, and understand what makes your audience convert in real-time.

Join us in our FREE webinar session to find out how PPC can benefit your business, and the different types of campaigns that are available. 

Thursday 22nd March
3pm (GMT)   |   11am (EST)
Zymplify your Marketing with our FREE
Pay-Per-Click Webinar

Thursday 22nd March 2018
3pm (GMT)   |   11am (EST)

What you will learn in this webinar:
  • A detailed explanation of what PPC is, and where the ads can be found
  • How to determine what PPC platform is best to use to suit your target audience
  • The benefits of PPC
  • PPC campaign management flow
  • The different elements of a PPC campaign
  • How to best optimise your campaigns to ensure success
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