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Be confident your team can perform, wherever they are, with a Modern Workplace.


There are many benefits when you improve your business's IT security and infrastructure, but right at the heart of all of these benefits is a better customer and employee experience. 


With our KBS Modern Workplace solutions, you will see improved employee productivity and satisfaction, more seamless communication and collaboration across locations and platforms delivered in a SECURE environment that maintains the security and integrity of your systems and data.




Better Protection


Protect against all threat vectors, not just malware - 24/7/365 security via monitoring, alerts, updates and can also provide vulnerability scans even when computers aren't connected to the internet. 

Better Performance


KBS will help you maximise IT value using modernised technology, automated processes, and streamlined IT operations. Cloud-based architecture and no need for signature updates.

Immediate Time to Value


Make it easier for your teams to harness the power of data and information to speed decision-making and get results. See an increase in speed and agility, as we not only secure but optomise your IT services,

With a friend You can Trust.

Ruiari Maginn

Director, Daly Park

"When we first realised we needed to expand our data holding capabilities, we had concerns, especially around security. However, KBS Group have made our transition to the cloud seamless and stress free.


The KBS Group Project Team mapped out our entire network, identifying all under protected entry points into our network. They also provided a clear project journey and outlined the different stages of the process to keep everyone involved of what to expect and it was a straightforward switch from having a server in our office to having our data and applications in the cloud.


We made the move to the cloud with KBS Group before Covid-19 and having made the switch our staff could work from home just the same as they had in our offices, with all the same security features we enjoy in the office. KBS even provided personal security reports to ease our worries. Going forward we continue to enjoy offering our staff the option of remote working as productivity has been the same if not better with our staff working from home."

Neil Templeton

Director, Templeton Robinson

"Whilst we were always well looked after by our previous IT partner, we felt they had outgrown us and our needs. With around 50 users spread across 4 sites, it often felt that we were “too small” for them. Costs were rising and service levels were falling. And we had no further conversations about upgrading our security since first partnering with them.


Then along came KBS who completed a full cyber threat analysis across all our sites, giving us 360 visibility into our security. Not only have we saved money on our running costs, the new infrastructure KBS built and installed was designed to meet our regulatory requirements and has proved to be quick, reliable and cost-effective. Any issues raised by our staff have been swiftly dealt with and I personally appreciate the regular meetings we have to discuss our needs and experiences.


All in all, the decision to change has been vindicated with cost savings and improved service levels – both from our platform and from KBS staff."


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