Contacts CRM

Manage all your contacts and lists in one place with Zymplify’s platform. Segment them into lists depending on demographics that are completely up to you.

Integrate your Email Marketing

Zymplify’s all-in-one platform will let you integrate your sales and marketing, email marketing and CRM systems into one unified area. Not only will you see improved sales visibility, a comprehensive return on investment and actionable triggers but you’ll be able to create targeted messaging and personalised emails.

Turn Prospects into Customers

Zymplify’s CRM system will help your business develop prospects into customers by providing an effective strategy. You can manage and store information on leads in our secure and easy-to-navigate area as well as measure the development of each one.

Retain and Upsell

CRM systems are known to improve customer retention by as much as 27%. Some of the many benefits of having an organised CRM include the improved ability to cross-sell, greater customer satisfaction and greater revenue and profitability. Let Zymplify help you enhance your customer experience.

Segment and Target

Manage your contact database through segmentation, creating properties and uploading lists. With Zymplify’s effective platform, you can easily add contacts manually or by uploading a CSV file. Add custom fields as required, run the social look-up tool to find your contact’s social media platforms, and run the company profile look-up tool to find out information about that contact’s organisation.

Develop Lists

Using the contacts CRM you can create and manage lists of contacts within your database and use these lists to send emails to, create automated journeys and segment your database. Manage and create bespoke lists with our powerful segment tool. You’ll be able to create lists based on any properties that have data such as, contact details, email activities and campaign outcomes, and manage your lists by creating folders.

Create Contact Properties

Create and manage contact properties, you’ll use these when creating a landing page and web forms as well as segmenting your database.

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