Content Hub

Use Zymplify’s content hub to upload, organise and re-purpose content for every stage of the buyer’s funnel. Your entire team will be able to see exactly what content you have, what stage of the funnel it is for and which persona it’s allocated to.

Forward Thinking Marketing

Zymplify understands that traditional marketing has become less effective in recent years. Instead of pitching your products or services, you will provide your prospects with truly relevant and educational content that’s designed specifically for them. Content marketing is the way forward.

Involve the Whole Team

By uploading and organising all your content in one easy-to-use area, you can let the entire team use the content portal. Every team member will be able to see what content has been created, and who they should use it for.

Assign to a Persona

You can assign pieces of content to personas that you have already created at an earlier stage on the platform. Eliminate time and effort when trying to create persona specific content, when you have it all in front of you.

Align with the Buyer’s Journey

Like the persona creator, you can also assign a piece of content to the buyer’s funnel. This way, your marketing and sales team will know when exactly to use this piece of content for their prospects. Another advantage is that you will see exactly where your current content falls within the buyer’s funnel and see where you are lacking.