Using the Zymplify platform you can gain insights into your marketing campaigns, and analyse what activity is bringing you a return on your investment.

Channel Scorecards

Using channel scorecards, you can review their performance as well as the breakdown of how effective this channel is for growing your business.

Contacts CRM

Manage all your contacts and lists in one place and segment them into lists depending on demographics that are completely up to you.

Lead Management

Easily track all your multi-channel leads in one place. View trends, score your leads, export/filter leads and add to a list.


Using segmentation, you can create customised lists of those that meet a demographic, or are in a certain industry, giving you the ability to tailor your marketing message to suit the needs of these audiences.

Social Look-Ups

Social lookups will help you identify if your lead’s email address is connected to a social media account, and from here you can build custom lists of these users to invite them to follow your page or connect with them on LinkedIn.

Marketing Calendar

Want a place that you can track all your marketing in one place? With the marketing calendar you can easily keep track of all your marketing efforts, on a month-to-month basis.

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