Persona Bundle

A persona is a fictional, generalised character that outlines the various goals and challenges among your current/potential key audiences. They help create reliable and realistic representations of your key segments, and they are based on customer insights, sales team feedback, additional research and digital analytics.

What can we do for you?

In our persona bundle, we will help you identify your current target segments. Based on these segments we will be able to do several things:

1. Build PPC audiences

2. Identify marketing channels

3. Identify SEO keywords

4. Key campaign marketing messages

5. Identify challenges and barriers

6. Identify segmented email lists

7. Identify your content strategy

8. Build a campaign strategy

In this bundle, we will help you build your buyer funnel and advise you of the content that you should create. You can then determine your content strategy to suit your personas. In our content portal you will be able to upload and manage all your content in one easy-to-use and straightforward area. We have created simple steps for you to upload content and manage it, according to your personas, funnel stage and type.

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