Welcome to Zymplify's Graduate Academy of Excellence. We're a growing company with global ambitions and endless opportunities for top talent to shine.

If you are currently at university, about to graduate or have just graduated we want to hear from you.




The Zymplify Graduate Academy of Excellence exists for one purpose - to develop and equip professionals with the necessary knowledge and experience to excel in the digital sales and marketing industry. 
What is the Zymplify Graduate Academy of Excellence?
The Zymplify Graduate Academy of Excellence is a programme designed to support and mentor new university graduates in order to fast-track careers. Graduates will receive training on our marketing and sales methodologies as well as our technology platform.

We offer mentoring all across our business. Under the guidance of our senior developers, our client success team, our sales team and digital marketing content team we'll give you the chance to use your newly gained skills as you work on some live projects for an impressive and growing list of global clients.

After three or four years at university, we're eager to take graduates who’ve written essays and passed exams and equip them with the practical skills needed to gain confidence, offering everyone the opportunity to establish themselves professionally at the frontier of digital marketing.
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Although this is the first official year of Zymplify's Graduate Academy of Excellence, it’s not an entirely new initiative for us.

Some of the most valued members of Zymplify's team came to Zymplify as fresh-faced graduates. Our developers Richard, Connor, Jonny and Aaron, for example, came to us from Ulster University and some have been part of our team for over five years. They’re all now proficient developers who contribute significantly on some of our most challenging and complex technical projects. Seeing how our previous graduates have grown and developed their careers, this year we decided to make it official and really invest in training and support to enable new talent to reach its potential.

"Coming to Zymplify with a degree in Computing from Ulster University I soon developed additional computing related digital marketing skills. and I now deal with clients on a daily basis, handling their marketing and delivering training so that all our clients are fully comfortable with the Zymplify all-in-one digital marketing platform." Rebecca Millar, Client Success Manager

"As a Computing graduate from Ulster University who specialises in the algorithmic side of computing I'm now using my skills and focusing on software development, maintaining the Zymplify platform for a range of clients in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, London and even India." Aaron Carson, Software Developer

"During my final year at university I realised that the digital marketing sector was experiencing unprecedented growth year on year and after graduating with a degree in Business and French from Ulster University I joined Zymplify's sales team. I'm currently shadowing the other Sales Executives in the company as we work on various projects across the UK, Europe and the USA. Through this mentoring I'm already developing skills and expertise related to sales conversions." Michael Lynch, Sales Executive

“Ulster University’s students and graduates will bring a fresh perspective and new ways of thinking to support ongoing innovation at Zymplify, specifically impacting on functional areas such as; creative technologies, digital marketing, data analysis and business development. Through a range of internship, placement and graduate opportunities our students will really benefit from the innovation culture and international perspective that a company like Zymplify offers.” Dr Karise Hutchinson, Provost Coleraine, Ulster University

Photo of Aaron
Aaron Carson - Software Developer
Photo of Rebecca
Rebecca Millar - Client Success Manager
Photo of Micheal
Michael Lynch - Sales Executive
Why apply?
  • Gain practical technical experience to support your education
  • Work on ambitious projects for impressive clients
  • Gain training on Zymplify's world-class digital marketing platform
  • Receive mentoring from skilled and experienced senior developers and sales and marketing professionals
  • Kickstart your career at one of Northern Ireland’s fastest growing digital marketing companies