3 Mistakes Marketers Make When Creating Campaigns


Research, strategy, execution, and analysis. Your standard basis when it comes to creating an ad, social, or any other type of target-driven campaign. However, amongst all the noise of the cluttered markets, it can be very hard to stand out from the crowd. Marketing professionals may go down the loud creative campaign route to try and stand out, but is this the right direction to go? Will this impress your customers? Or do they just want to know how you can satisfy a need and when?

1. They don’t know their customer well enough.

One of the main problems businesses face is pinpointing their target audience. It may be they know they are selling software to sales professionals, but who are these sales professionals? What is their job title? Do they make the buying decisions? And where are they most likely to see your messaging?
In-depth research and analysis into your business personas are vital to the success of any campaign. You might have the most attractive graphics, memorable messaging, and a killer website to follow up with. But if the right people aren’t seeing it, then it won’t work. Precision is key!

2. They don’t know when to target prospects.

So you may know who you are targeting but do they want your platform? Do they need it? Maybe they are looking at competitors, or have actually seen your website.

Today’s sales process takes 22% longer than five years ago.

Imagine knowing exactly what stage on the buyer’s journey your prospects are at and being able to target them with content relevant to that stage. With technology in today’s market, this is achievable. Targeting the right audience with relevant content means your business will be helping to shape their buying decisions. Creating content to help guide prospects through the awareness stage (videos, infographics, blogs) onto the decision stage (case studies and reviews) means you can nurture them from start to finish.

Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads.
(The Annuitas Group)

3. They use multiple platforms from start to finish.

So you start your research and you have a planner opened on the first tab, second tab you have your social media scheduler, third tab your blog builder, Ad accounts next and the list goes on. How is it possible to report on the exact stats and find out what worked best and at what stage of the campaign? It just doesn’t make sense.

Remember I mentioned “precision is key” earlier? It applies here too. Using a platform that offers one login with everything readily available to strategise, plan and execute as well as find data and report is a big win for marketers. Say goodbye to the master password spreadsheet and hello to the easy life.

Zymplify has all of this and more- set up a demo with one of our team now to discuss how your campaigns will be more successful with Zymplify

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