3 Ways to Qualify Leads Without Lifting a Finger

Qualifying your leads. What does it really mean when you strip it back to the basics?

In the short of it, qualifying your leads is a process of ensuring the prospects converting into leads are decent ones. Think of it as high quality assurance that your leads are sales-ready.

The qualifying process should be happening at every stage of your funnel:

  • Turning prospects into leads
  • Turning leads into deals 
  • Turning deals into sales

If you’re not qualifying your leads, you’re losing time on pitching ill-timed leads to the wrong sales and overlooking the ones who are primed and ready for making a purchase.

At Zymplify, qualifying leads is what we do best. We pride ourselves on it. 

Not only that – but we make it so easy it can be done without lifting a finger. How?

Let’s start at the beginning.


At Scale Prospecting = Higher Quality Leads

When you’re filling your funnel with prospects, you want to imagine it as opening a tap that flows endlessly and with crystal clear intention on who your prospects are.

At Zymplify, our multi-layered prospecting software creates a steady stream of prospects who are best matched to your ideal buyer personas. In other words: you’re flooding your funnel with high-volume potential of converting into high-quality leads.

The best bit? Our Intent tools can find the prospects who are already searching for your product, interacting with your website (or that of your competitors) AND hunt out the contacts of businesses you know are a great fit for your product or service. Our software exports these contacts into an actionable log of prospects ready for the nurturing. 

Start with high quality, at-scale prospecting? End with high-quality, qualified leads.


Marketing Automation

When leads arrive at the desks of your sales team, you want to know they’ve come through a marketing journey which has nurtured their intention as a customer, increased their awareness and increased their consideration levels. 

We make this possible through an automated marketing journey that delivers stage appropriate content to the right prospects and leads, with multi-channel touchpoints. Our automation can deliver email marketing, social media advertisements, content, website blogs and more, at the click of a button, delivered on cue to your leads.

As your leads amp up their intentions to buy, our system reads these signals and scores them as activity indicating their Buyer Intent. By the time leads are piling on your desks, you can guarantee they’re Sales Qualified. 


Consistent Lead Scoring

Hot or nothing – it’s a rule to live by when you use Zymplify! Our tools take the guesswork out of pitching sales to leads, by telling you when a lead is hot and ready for action.

What’s a hot lead? Hot leads are the ones most likely to convert and the ones most ready to buy. 

As your leads travel further down your funnel, our Lead Scoring attributes a higher score to hotter leads, so you can organise your leads by how successfully they’ve been nurtured and qualify them from least-likely to most-likely to convert into a paying customer.

Instead of your sales team predicting when a lead is edging closer to a sale, our lead scoring can tell you when a lead is cold (signalling the time to deliver content) or hot (time to pitch a sale). Sales success? A guarantee!

Our Lead Scoring makes qualifying your leads a no-nonsense affair and gives you eyes on the potential for remarketing those leads who aren’t at the ready-to-buy stage. 

Instead of pushing onwards with a pitch or demo, you can remarket and put lukewarm leads back into your automated marketing journey, so they can be nurtured towards their final decision. 

Lost leads? A thing of the past. 

Get in contact today to see how Zymplify can change the way you work for forever. Our free demo is the proof in the pudding.

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