3 Ways Your Business Can Succeed With Marketing Analytics


Precise analytics are important and understanding how to calculate and use them can be a tough challenge. Using different platforms for marketing activities can make it difficult to figure out ROI. Zymplify’s end-to-end precision marketing platform has all your analytics in one easy-to-access reporting area. Having all your marketing tools on one platform gives you access to precise analytics that you can use to plan your future campaigns.

With these analytics at your fingertips, we have put together three easy steps you can take to help with your campaign success.

Step 1: Mix and Match Your Analytics

To reap the most benefits from your marketing analytics, it’s important that you use a selection of different KPIs or metrics to create a balanced overview.

This will help you to:

● Report on past findings to determine what campaign elements generated the most revenue in previous efforts, how different marketing techniques compared to one another, and how many leads were generated from specific campaign elements.
● Analyse the present to determine how your customers are currently engaging with your brand, which channels your high-revenue customers hang out on, and what people are saying about your business.
● Predict the future to determine how to generate ongoing engagement and to decide which areas to focus on next

Step 2: Fill in the Gaps

Most organisations have access to a lot of different analytics sources, but it’s likely you’re not using them to their full potential. Start by figuring out what stats you immediately have access to and then where there are gaps in your strategy. For example, you might have access to tons of data from social media but aren’t measuring the leads that come in from your offline campaigns, or blog posts. These niche analytics can often offer deeper insight than the usual run-of-the-mill marketing metrics, plus there’s technology around today that can help you convert unstructured data into real-life insights.

Step 3: Turn Numbers into Strategies

Having access to hundreds of different marketing analytics is all well and good, but if you’re not using the results, it’s absolutely meaningless. What’s the point of knowing your monthly churn rate is 7% if you’re not going to do anything about it?
Working with marketing analytics to tap into their full power is a continuous process of trial and error. It’s all about testing, learning, testing again, and applying your findings to future strategies.

Start by:
● Identifying where you have holes in your analytics
● Adjusting your strategies and tactics as needed to improve your results
● Optimizing processes repeatedly until you are dealing with numbers, you’re happy with.

Using the Zymplify dashboard, you can quickly and easily understand what channels are truly working for your business. Perhaps social doesn’t bring in as many qualified leads as your email campaigns. Using this data, you will know to spend more time utilising email, than social.

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