4 Must Have Automated Journeys for Customer Acquisition


Customer acquisition requires getting in front of the right prospects, at the right time, with the right messages that resonate with them. Easily stated, but more tricky to execute. With proper planning, and the right tools at hand, it is doable.

Once executed properly, hitting the sweet spot in the campaign and sales world can have a major impact on your company’s bottom line.

We’re all busy with work, from content creation, managing social platforms, sales calls, and those pesky but necessary admin tasks. Hitting that sweet spot, and interacting with prospects at the right time, is a time-consuming task. That’s why at Zymplify, we automate.

Automated journeys make the job of customer acquisition more efficient, and combined with the correct intent data tools, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Discover in-market Buyers.
2. Determine at what stage in the buyer journey they are in.
3. Launch onto the correct automated journey.

Here’s the top 4 automated journeys we think are absolutely necessary for customer acquisition.

The Prospect Warm-Up

For: Buyer in Awareness Stage.
Goal: Convince buyers you are the thought leader for your area.

The Prospect Warm-Up is for prospects at the very top of the funnel. Think buyers who are searching for answers to pain points they are facing in their business. A new implementation of digital software may be at the back of their mind. This journey focuses on what is at the top of their mind – finding a solution to their problem. Content should be educational, helpful, and most definitely not a sales pitch.

The Product Explainer

For: Buyer in Consideration Stage.
Goal: Get your Product noticed by Buyers in this stage.

Next up, the Product Explainer does exactly what you think – showcasing your product as a viable solution to that prospect’s pain point. Emphasis on the part about the prospect’s pain point. We hate to break it to you, it’s no it not all about you. Acknowledge the prospect issue and describe how you can alleviate their problem. Buyers in the consideration stage of the buyer journey are best suited here.

The Deal Maker

For: Buyers in the Evaluation Stage.
Goal: Convince Buyers that you are simply the best…better than all the rest.

This is it, it’s crunch time. The Deal Maker focuses on convincing the buyer that you are the right solution for them. Showcase your exceptional customer service, deliver case studies on how other companies have succeeded because they invested in YOU. Convince them that no other product can solve their problem quite as well as you can.

The Slow-Burner

For: Buyers who don’t move on to the next stage – yet.
Goal: Keep your brand at the top of the buyer’s mind.

OK we admit it, sometimes buyers don’t quite move on to the next step at the exact moment that your journey sequence ends. I guess some people just like to march to the beat of their own drum. The Slow-Burner’s responsibility is to be there for the prospect who likes to take things slow. Deliver a steady stream of informative content that is useful to your prospect. When the time finally arrives and they’re ready to commit, your product will be top of mind.

The Bonus Round

We all know not all leads are born equal. Some are ready to skip automated marketing journeys altogether and go straight to sales. BDRs use cadences to nurture warm leads who need a little nudge in the direction of your products, whilst account managers work on your hottest leads in the pipeline. The important thing to remember is to take the path of least friction for your prospect.

Now you have the knowledge, we have the tools to put it into action.

Discover in-market buyers and launch straight into automated journeys on the Zymplify platform to acquire customers at scale. Did we mention we’re an approved vendor on HM Government’s Help to Grow: Digital Scheme? This gives you access to an amazing 50% discount token off our monthly platform costs for 12 months.

Interested? Take a test drive of the platform on our 14 day free trial or speak directly to a Zymplify expert who will take you through your own personalised demo.

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