5 Cost Effective Ways To Grow Your Business


The Challenges of Growth

We know that one of the biggest challenges businesses face is the ability to grow and scale whilst staying within budget. We see so many businesses stuck in the cycle of needing to take on more staff to manage the workload, but not having the budget to expand their team, before securing the new clients.

Sound familiar?

In an ever-changing and uncertain economic climate such as ours, we know that many businesses are trying to keep their costs down. This may even mean cuts to their marketing department budget or having to re-focus employee priority onto existing clients, putting your lead generation activity on the back burner.

Secret Weapons

But without growing your team and making an investment, how can you increase the amount and the quality of the leads you generate I hear you ask? At Zymplify we have five secret weapons in our automated prospecting arsenal to help you find real leads, real fast; without having to expand your team or your budget. The art of finding the right prospects for your business is knowing where to look. And, we’ve got the map! Ready to find out more? Then read on….

Our intelligent tools can turbo-charge your lead generation and identify sales leads you didn’t know you had.

Prospecting. Automated. At Scale.

Multi-layered prospecting fills your funnel with the maximum quality of leads. Marketing Automation nurtures prospects until hot and sends them to your sales team when they are ready to close.

Linkedin Prospector

Hands up if you’ve ever had your team spend hours manually searching LinkedIn and creating spreadsheets of potentially suitable prospects and leads for your clients?

Reaching out, messaging, and connecting with potential prospects on LinkedIn in this way is time-consuming, ineffective, and (let’s be honest), a mundane task. But LinkedIn is certainly where your prospects could be because the latest figures according to LinkedIn are staggering, take a look at some of the key stats:

There are now over 500 million business professionals on their network. LinkedIn has 100 million users that are active daily. 40 million of those users are in decision-making roles.

Surely there’s an easier way?

Our LinkedIn Prospector tool takes the headache (and manual work) out of this process. We give you the tools you need to gain contact and company information from LinkedIn profiles, based on your own specific business parameters, automatically. This helps you to find, attract and engage with your target audience, at scale.

Linkedin Prospector on Zymplify Platform

Using our LinkedIn Prospector tool we can help you:

Get company and contact information for your target audience, using the search feature in LinkedIn.
Engage with this audience using automated journeys. Nurture them via email, PPC ads, or add them directly to your pipeline.
Use lead scoring to determine your hottest prospects, and pass these to your sales team to reach out and connect with.

“LinkedIn prospector and Website Intent are 2 great features of the Zymplify platform that make analysing large amounts of data really easy. “- Trevor F Commercial Director

Website Intent 

Most businesses can see the traffic to their website. They can see the number of visits, what’s been clicked on, and that is all great information to have.

But, wouldn’t it be amazing if you knew exactly WHO was visiting your website? After all, if they are visiting your website you already know they have a keen interest and are a warm lead. But, without their contact information, there isn’t an awful lot you can do other than hope they reach out themselves. But what if you could reach out to them? With Zymplify’s Website Intent tool, we make it possible to do just that. We help you make the most out of your website and turn anonymous visitors into lead gen gold.

Using our unique website tracking code, we can track the anonymous visitors to your website. Zymplify’s Website Intent tool gives you instant access to names, job titles, and email addresses of key contacts that match your target profile, from businesses that have been visiting their site.
Website Intent data gives you insight into on-site visitor behaviors that are vital to fuel your sales cycle and close deals faster.
With intelligence into exactly what your visitors are looking for, marketing and sales communications can be tailored to suit the prospects’ needs, without a lengthy qualification process.

Website Intent on Zymplify Platform

“The website tracking and website reveal helps to identify contacts and potential prospects.”-  Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

With Zymplify’s Website Intent tool you’ll have the power to identify your anonymous website visitors and deliver sales-ready leads to your team. Plus, your sales team will be able to access the data, insight, and essential contact information they need to close the deal. Using Zymplify’s Website Intent tool, you will be able to empower your sales team with visibility of the hottest prospects to prioritise – and close. You can define your own criteria of what constitutes a high-value lead and automate the process of nurturing these leads until they are sales-ready.

Domain Prospector

You may already have a list of businesses you know would be a great fit for your services, but the problem is getting hold of the right contact information for the person in a decision-making role.

This is where Zymplify’s Domain Prospector tool comes into its own. Upload a target list of companies along with their website domain into Zymplify from an event or alternative source, and we will reveal contact level information, including names and email addresses.

Domain Prospector on Zymplify Platform

By uploading your data into your client’s Zymplify platform you can:

Nurture these prospects through automated journeys, and score them, so the sales team knows who to reach out to, and when.
Add the data to PPC audiences, to engage with them on multiple channels, such as Facebook or LinkedIn.
Add leads directly to your CRM, so your sales team can manage prospects directly, with full visibility and history stored in one platform.

Intent Signals

Buyer Intent Data (sometimes known as Behavioural Intent Data, Purchase Intent Data, or Customer Insights) is not a new phenomenon. Put simply, it is information collected on a company or person’s engagement activities.

Truly valuable buyer intent data comes from signals that are happening away from your client’s website or landing pages. When a potential customer is talking to your competitors, attending events that are in their field, or talking about topics relevant to your products or services they leave signals behind that can be mined and turned into extremely valuable insights for marketers and salespeople.

Imagine what it would do if you could have access to the data?

Well, now you can by using Zymplify’s Intent Signals Software.

Zymplify’s powerful software mines the public web to find prospects based on your own triggers and criteria. You’ll then be served a daily dose of hot leads with each prospect having a full contact record including phone /email /position etc. That means not wasting your valuable resources on static email databases and using a spray and pray approach to reaching those prospects. There is a better way to get in front of the right customers now – when they’re in a buying frame of mind. You just need to know the right places to listen.

To succeed in a world where over 80% of prospects are researching before they ever contact a vendor, you must help your clients rise above the marketing noise.

G2 Intent

Imagine if you knew who was visiting your hottest competitors’ profiles?
Imagine if you had a list of these prospects so you could market to them directly?
Imagine what a difference it could make to your business?

It’s time to introduce G2 Intent.

This tool is specific for G2 customers – so to use the tool, you must already have a profile on G2 (or be happy to set one up) and this must be a G2 Buyer Intent profile, that they are receiving buyer intent data from. If your client is a G2 Buyer Intent customer, G2 will send them buyer intent data in real-time, showing the company information of who has visited their profile or researched their specific category on G2 (e.g., software, email marketing, etc.) This is helpful data as it shows the companies who are interested or shopping for their product or researching their industry. However – this is company-level data, so it shows company names, not contact information.

“The integration with G2, and the automated journeys meant we could run very sophisticated campaigns from within Zymplify.” – Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

G2 Intent on Zymplify Platform

Combining a G2 profile with Zymplify we can help you:

Discover company and contact profile information of people who are actively researching your industry, competitors, or company profile on G2 in real-time meaning you can help you take almost instantaneous action.
Automatically reach out as they research, through automated journeys, or add them to PPC (pay-per-click) audiences to target them on multiple channels.
Reduce your churn rate, by spotting unhappy customers researching your competitors – we can support you to make things right before it’s too late.

By connecting your G2 profile to your Zymplify platform, we can enhance the buyer intent data you receive from G2 using our G2 Intent tool.

What Does It Mean For You?

“ What really sets it apart is their focus on helping you work faster through prospecting.”Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

As you can see using Zymplify’s powerful automation tools you can find high-quality prospects and leads with ease. And, because they are fully automated, you don’t need to grow and scale your own team as a result.

Using our Intent Signals tool, we can help you identify more relevant companies and contacts, based on their intent in the following 3 ways:

Save your time by avoiding manual research and supporting you to access high-quality leads every day.
We help you work smarter by focusing your outbound efforts on finding prospects who are actively shopping for your products or services.
Helping you overtake your competitors by selling more, and closing more deals as a result of being in front of more of the right people (and at the right time).

Once you’ve found the hottest prospects for you can then use the rest of the incredible Zymplify system to:

Send these leads on an automated email journey to nurture them and deliver carefully curated, tailored content suited to will speak directly to their needs.
Qualify the prospect and identify when they are sale-ready using Zymplify’s intelligent scoring system based on their engagement and interest levels.
Send these leads to your sales team, once they have become qualified.

“The marketing automation features are incredibly useful and efficient particularly the new journeys feature, which has saved us so much time. It has allowed us to do the work of 20 marketers, with a team of five.” Lauren Kearney, Client Success Manager, Marketing Wizards.

Find high-quality leads, easily with Zymplify.

Book a demo with us today to find out more. 


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